Orange Creamsicle Cake 

Orange Creamsicle Cake
4 eggs
100 g of flour
140 g of starch
1 packet of dry yeast
50 g of margarine
1350 g of sugar
2 glasses of milk
2 oranges and
4 for the cream
Beat the egg yolks with the speed with 170 gr of sugar (save the rest to the side for the cream) with the ground zing of two oranges. Add the juice of one orange. then leisurely blend the flour blended in with 100 gr of starch (the rest 40 gr will go into the cream). break down the sachet of yeast in a glass of milk (the other for the cream) and add it to the mixture. at long last overlay in the egg whites until firm, it are not dismantled to ensure that they. put in a buttered and floured cake shape 24 cm in width and heat in a preheated stove for 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees at the point when you switch off the stove open the entryway a bit and stand by a couple of moments prior to switching it off
Enjoy !

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