A BOLA – Directivo Ultras XXI announces meeting of Frederico Varandas (Sporting)

A BOLA – Directivo Ultras XXI announces meeting of Frederico Varandas (Sporting)

In a statement, Directivo Ultras XXI, a sponsor of Sporting, announced a meeting with Leo officials. It is recalled that the leader led by Frederico Varandas has been arguing with organized fan groups, but this is now promoting rapprochement.

In a note released on Saturday, the Director of Ultras XXI explained that the meeting took place on May 31, at the Estádio de Alvalade, and was attended by members of the cheerleader team and the Liaison Supporter Officer, who represented the club. It was discussed at the meeting the possibility of an all-organized support group in the Fan Card-designated area, in the lower south center.

See the full statement:

The DIRECTIVO ULTRAS XXI Association conveys the following to its partners and the general public:

1) To the best of our knowledge, from the very beginning, this Association has stood before the legal system of the “Adept Card” and the measures taken for its creation and implementation in Portugal, in particular the establishment of a facility. -sports called “Zones”. with special conditions for admission and stay of Adepts ”(ZCEAPs), which are nothing but areas of discrimination and discrimination, which are intended, in gross violation of fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic Portuguese, to catalog and discriminate against supporters, who are also citizens, in
depending on how they legally intend to support the teams representing their chosen Club;

2) Still in public consultation, and responding to the challenges posed by the Committee on Culture, Communication, Youth and Sports of the National Assembly, through Official Letter No. 10/ 12.a-CCCJD/ 2019 , on January 07, 2019, the Association submitted its views on the content of Government Bill No. 153/XIII, which aims to amend the wording of Law No. 19 against ‘violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance to sporting events, incorporating, among other provisions, the legal system of“ Fan Cards ”;

3) In the foregoing comments, this Association has expressed its concerns, opinions and convictions relating to the provisions of the law relating to Organized Support Groups, and presented, in detail and in detail. ‘a rational approach, a concrete proposal, which has largely been ignored. protect, recognize and guarantee the most basic civil and human rights of supporters, as citizens, that is, in matters relating to the performance of the security forces, the conditions of entry and durability in sports facilities and the safe and secure use of pyrotechnic articles therein;

4) In order for the public to know, and even though the content has already been publicly discussed in the National Assembly in 2019, we send with this Communiqué again a copy of the above ideas , which invites all, without exception, to read and comment;

5) As a group, we have disseminated and promoted the Internet-launched Public Petition from the Portuguese Association for the Protection of Adepts (APDA), which can be viewed at via the link https://peticaopublica.com/mobile/pview.aspx? pi = PT109466, aims to resume discussion of this issue in the Republican Assembly so as to abolish the legal requirement for the creation of an “Adept Card” and an Area with special requirements for
The admission and duration of Adepts ”;

6) Due to its success, and within months of a general boycott of ZCEAPs by almost all organized support groups at the national level and the conduct of various protest activities, both have succeeded, in short. , the return of political parties with parliamentary seats. the house of Portuguese democracy this subject, for analysis and re -examination;

7) The process of parliamentary discussion on this subject ended in many advances, setbacks and vetoes, with the approval of Law No.

8) However, due to various political pressures, the abolition of the legal system of the “Adept Card” is only a small part of the measures to be taken, rather, to completely abolish the law that created the ZCEAP and the rules on mandatory admission and perseverance thereof by members of organized support groups who intend, individually and collectively, to support their Clubs without unreasonable and unreasonable restrictions;

9) In view of the events and the legal changes that have taken place, its views on the matter have been considered and debated within this Association, with a unanimous decision on the maintenance of the place, together and in solidarity with the place taken and taken. almost all organized support organizations and groups exist in Portugal;

10) In fact, unexpectedly due to a series of disagreements that have occurred recently, on 28 May this Association received an official invitation from Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal-Futebol, SAD to maintain. a face-to-face meeting with the aim of resolving the conditions for concluding the new Protocol between the parties, effective in the 2022/2023 fiscal year;

11) The above invitation and the proposal to conclude the subsequent Protocol are, in the opinion of this Association, the recognition, which was received by Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, SAD, the the importance of support. given by this Association to all teams who wear our uniforms in every manner and exemplary conduct that has led to the success of our colleagues in providing such support, which is often recognized by athletes, trainers and other technical staff;

12) This Association has agreed to attend the previous face-to-face meeting, which was held on May 31, at 11 a.m., at the Estádio José Alvalade, in which this Association represents the highest institution there. to him. ranks of the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Conference Board, and the Sporting Clube de Portugal and the Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, SAD representing its Supporting Officers;

13) At the previous meeting, which was held with love and in a commendable cooperation, the terms defined by Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal-Futebol, USA were presented to this Association as termination of the above -mentioned Protocol;

14) Among these conditions is the obligation, as a result of the Law, that this Association change its position on the bench in the stadium of José Alvalade, begin to place itself in the existing ZCEAP of currently on the South A bench, along with other group fan clubs. ;

15) Faced with this fact, an urgent informal meeting of this Association was held, held yesterday and specifically designed to consider, discuss and vote on the proposal to sign the Protocol presented by the Board of Sporting Clube de Portugal and the Management of Sporting Clube de Portugal-Futebol, SAD, to take effect in the 2022/2023 sporting year;

16) At the aforesaid Informal Meeting, the main points contained in the proposed Protocol were presented and discussed, with particular emphasis on the aforementioned obligations for the Association to amend. his position on the bench in José Alvalade’s square, begins to place himself in it. the ZCEAP mentioned above;

17) It was a difficult decision of this Association, but taken by the majority at the aforesaid informal meeting, to remain faithful to its principles, spirit and harmony. and respect for the position previously taken, namely the opposition to the creation, maintenance and attendance of the ZCEAP, and, in fact, the refusal to sign the Protocol submitted by the Office of the Sporting Clube de Portugal and the Management of the Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, USA;

18) This decision of the Association, which has already been officially notified to Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, SAD, and we publicly thank for the important steps taken towards the normalization of relationship with the institutions of this Association, is not, but is clearly, the nature of a refusal to negotiate, negotiate or communicate with the above-mentioned institutions and each of those institutions;

19) This Association has, has and will continue to open its doors to laying the foundations of understanding and dialogue necessary for healthy public relations that are primarily aimed at improving the support and improvement of Sporting Clube de Portugal;

20) This Association has not intended, desired, requested, or solicited support, either financial or material, to support the teams and athletes representing the Sporting Clube de Portugal;

21) Likewise, this Association has never acted or acted in any way with the intent to harm the interests, namely financial, of the Sporting Clube de Portugal, because, previously, it respected his financial obligations, that is, incurring large fines which he cannot afford. origin;

22) On the contrary, this Association requires only to be respected and to have the necessary freedoms, within the limits prescribed by law and with a sense of responsibility, to provide such support and, accordingly that way, it will accomplish the primary purpose of its creation. existence;

23) This Association shall be free to dialogue and co-operation at all times, based on the principles of mutual respect, ensuring that no law in force prevents, restricts or punishes, subject to expressly inconsistent penalties. in the constitution, the establishment of institutional relations and cooperation. among legal non-governmental organizations, within the scope of their legal independence and outside the protocol framework set forth in Law No. 39/2009, of 30 July;

24) There is respect, determination, and courage to establish and strengthen relations between the institutions mentioned above, and this Association believes that the beloved and partisan internal unions will be closer to reality and to be the foundation of the Sporting Clube of Portugal. the Portuguese sport is stronger and ready for the struggles and challenges we are used to;

25) With or without this unity, which we desire, we will pursue our own path, independent and harmonious, faithful to our principles, respectful of our History and secure in our path and purpose: unconditional support the Sporting Clube of Portugal;

26) Our motto is our word: Agreement, honor and trust, that is our spirit!


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