Abracom-RS promotes meeting “Trust and Credibility in Metaverse Times”

ny Abraham-RS (Association of Brazilian Communications Services, Rio Grande do Sul sectional), held, on June 22, at the FGV Decision, in Porto Alegre, an open meeting to discuss one of the current topics especially in the digital world: the metaverse. The event will feature the talk “Trust and Confidence in the Metaverse Age”, which will be led by journalist Luciana Vidigal, and aims to bring together agents from Rio Grande do Sul connected or not with the company. , as well as communications and marketing professionals. from the state ..

A term used to refer to a type of virtual world that attempts to reproduce reality through digital tools, the metaverse is considered to be a shared and shared virtual space composed of a combination of “virtual reality”, “objects. -there is growing ”and the internet.

Born in Sao Paulo, Luciana Vidigal has a hard work with over 30 years of planning and executing communication strategies. He was based in a major communications agency, where he worked for more than 9 years in customer service, media, promotion, press relations and events. After this experience, he chose to create and open his own communications agency, Perspectiva Comunicação, where he worked for more than 18 years with major brands in various fields such as: agribusiness, food for human beings. and animals, vehicles, organizations (federations and institutions). , consumption, among others.

“Given the level of innovation, people’s expectations and doubts about the metaverse will be high. This is why trust and confidence are the most valuable assets in the metaverse. They will both lead the customer journey, which will face a series of potentially confusing, unknown and may even be considered intimidating at first, ”Luciana said.

Luciana Vidigal – Photo: Publicity

The meeting is part of Abracom’s event in Rio Grande do Sul, led by journalist and businesswoman Martha Becker, scheduled for two years 2022/2024 in April this year. this. “Providing such rich and current content strengthens us as an organization here in Rio Grande do Sul, a state where our biggest challenge is to mobilize the communications agencies of all companies so that we can work together to define the best route for our platform. living in an era of digital transformation and acceleration right now, ”said Martha Becker.

By 2022, Abracom will have completed 20 years of operation in Brazil, with more than 180 companies. Since 2009 in Rio Grande do Sul, the company has played a significant role in the maturity and strengthening of its agency in the State. The corporate communications market currently employs more than 17,000 professionals and, in 2020 alone, moved R $ 3.02 billion into the country, a 5% increase over the previous year. before.


LESSON: “Trust and Confidence in the Metaverse Times”
DATE: 22 JUNE 2022
TIME: 9 a.m.
LOCATION: DECISION / FGV (Av. Praia de Belas, 1212 – Room 704 – Praia de Belas – Porto Alegre)
Registration: eventos@abracom.org.br

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