agro takes the first step towards the metaverse

agro takes the first step towards the metaverse

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The actions of companies and organizations seek to anticipate the expected changes in the digital world with a vision to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Accustomed to investing in productive land, companies and agricultural organizations are gradually allocating resources to places where this is not possible-at least for now. Considered to be the successor to the mobile internet, the metaverse has attracted the attention of the agricultural sector in the face of the promise of increased connectivity in rural areas and the advent of 5G connectivity in the country.

“The metaverse will be a very valuable tool for us in rural areas, especially since we have an outdoor business and could be a factor that facilitates training, knowledge of things in rural areas,” assesses the president of the FAEMG System (Federation of agriculture and livestock in the State of Minas Gerais), Antônio de Salvo.

In April, the organization celebrated the 29th anniversary of Senar-MG in another way: a meeting in the metaverse. The meeting, which lasted more than 40 minutes, discussed the importance of new technologies for agriculture-an area where communication is limited to a few. It is estimated that only 11% of the productive areas in the country have 4G, which limits even the use of existing technology.

“The big challenge is that we can integrate 5G more effectively in the country as a whole and it’s been a short time and I think the time has been shortened because of the interest of the companies responsible for 5G”, said the president. the FAEMG system when talking about the benefits that the metaverse can bring to the sector, especially in the areas of rural expansion and technical assistance.

Have you ever considered doing correction training on a crop safety machine without being specifically exposed to safety products at the time? This will provide more protection by controlling a machine that almost doesn’t use protection at the time, ”Salvo said.

Metaverse or not?

Although meetings held in virtual and immersive reality are called metaverse, the FAEMG president’s experience with his colleagues is never considered a metaverse, as Isadora Camargo explains. , PhD in digital communication from USP and area strategy at LETS. Marketing .. “The metaverse starts when we don’t know how to explain what a metaverse is. We can say and conclude that it is a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, communication and the Internet with immersive technology, ”the researchers explain.

According to PwC Brasil colleague Karen Barbieri, the main feature of the metaverse is the distribution of power. “Big tech companies want to dominate the metaverse, but that’s not the metaverse. The metaverse is that I can communicate with you independently. What we have now is a first step towards this metaverse, even there. even in these multi -enterprise -dominated environments, Karen said while describing the metaverse as a flowing environment, found everywhere like the Internet today.

financially viable

According to a report released by Grayscale Investments in November last year, Metaverse has an estimated potential billions of dollars in revenue from advertising, marketing, digital events, tools and investments in of development and creativity. A similar document prepared by JP Morgan highlights that $ 54 billion is spent on virtual goods each year, nearly double the cost of buying music.

“When we talk about business in the metaverse, the ideas that come with it bring up a lot of skepticism about its potential, but given the facts, the few concrete examples we have, we hope to have it. it’s huge, great because it allows really great scalability, ”said Karen, from PwC Brazil. “Everything indicates that there is market interest in the emergence of the metaverse so that we can have an evolution of the blockchain technology that digital currency is currently working on,” Isadora said.

“You have a similar environment where there are digital investments and, for example, NFTs, which are digital signals that guarantee the purchase of material or non-material items that are yours alone,” the researcher explains. NFT’s, based on blockchain technology, allow the transfer of values ​​from the digital world to the real world in a 100%future metaverse. “Whether it works or not, I think it’s too early to say, but the fact is that Facebook has never released anything that hasn’t been anticipated for at least five years,” Isadora said.

Note the existence

In Rio de Janeiro, the Hortifruti Natural da Terra network preceded these changes. In March, the company set up an immersive virtual store aimed at offering a new experience to its customers in preparation for the near future.

“Now that we’ve opened an immersive store, we’re providing more and more data and customer behavior to understand what people want, plan for and execute it,” Fernanda said. Coelho, a chain renewal consultant, compares the Natural da Terra event to it. made by virtual stores that have opened physical groups in recent years.

“We do the opposite. People come to see and know and from their entry we can see what they are doing there how much time they spend, where they click, where they look and then we can get these patterns to invest in ‘ the platform and create more. attractive environment, ”explains Fernanda.

From a sales perspective, he knows that immersive marketing is still far from traditional e-commerce. “In fact, if you’re going to fill your home and have a shopping list, it’s faster to buy from traditional e-commerce than to enter the virtual world. It’s similar to the experience there,” the consultant said. innovation, and stressed that the main advantage of the event is the preparation for the future of the Internet.

“Today we are the first market to move down that path, but again: we can start a virtual product, but it makes sense for our customers. Yes, we wanted to be a pioneer and maybe take the industry with us, but preparation it’s more. Our focus doesn’t just stay ‘in’, but it’s important for us to have meaning and interaction with customers, ”Fernanda concluded.

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