BOLA-Sporting beat FC Porto in second extra time and won the Portuguese Handball Cup

Sporting won the Portuguese handball championship on Sunday, beating FC Porto 36-35 in extra time, at the Matosinho Congress Center.

The Lions had a better start to the game, they included two goals ahead, but the whites and blues reacted and managed to calmly lead the board (15-10), coming to the break and winning on number 15-13.

Towards the end of the second half the Lions just won (24-24) and moved on to face the encounter itself, but the Dragons reached an equalizer (26-26), forcing extra time. . Here, FC Porto took first place again, but in the final seconds they drew Schongarth (30-30) and forced extra time again.

In a game that included Francisco Costa (13 goals), Leonine’s team won early in the second period and managed to prevent the Dragons from drawing, which was unsuccessful. Meatballs. The party is green and white.

Remember the big event in the game:

20:34 – 35-36: End of game

20:34 – 35-36: the sand is reduced

20:32 – 34-35: The dragon reduces the loss again

20:25 – 32-34: A sporty year, two balls ahead to close out the first half of extra time

20:25 – 32-33: The sand was reduced to blue and white in the 7 -meter free kick

20:22 – 31-32: FC Porto is reduced

20:20 – 30-31: Jose Folqués puts green and white first

20:19-30-30: Second overtime begins

20:15 – 30-30: A sports film for Schongarth. There will be other expansions


20:09 – 29-28: Lions shorten handicap


20:07-28-27: Start of the second half of extra time


20:04 – 28-27: End of the first half of overtime.


19:57 – 27-26: FC Porto took the lead with a 7 -meter free kick by Pedro Cruz (61 minutes).

19:56-26-26: Extra time begins

19:48 – 26-26: Iturriza, however, still put the ball into the ballpark, but time ran out (30min). There will be an expansion.


19:44 – 26-26: FC Porto finally got the ropes, by Branquinho (59min). time out


19:41 – 24-25: The Lions advance, with another goal from Francisco Costa (57min)

19:40 – 24-24: Sports by Francisco Costa (56min)


19:32 – 24-21: Iturriza mark for the dragon (52min)


19:28 – 22-20: After a long run of 21 for 20 on the board, FC Porto led by two more goals against Sporting, after a goal by Rui Silva (50min).


19:12 – 19-18: Natán Suárez reduces Sporting’s loss to one goal (39min)


19:02 – 15-14: Reduces Sporting to open second half, by Francisco Costa (31min)

19:00: The second half begins

18:47 – 15-13: Rest. Sports score by Francisco Costa (29min), reducing the deficit before the end of the first half


18:43 – 15-10: Salina leaves FC Porto with five points from the Lions (27min)


18:34 – 12-8: Diogo Branquinho extends to the dragons (20 mins)


18:19 – 7-4: Blue and white were defeated but already had three points (12 mins). time out


18:16 – 2-2: Daymaro Salina (8min)

18:12 – 1-2: First goal for the Dragons, Pedro Cruz fell to a 7-meter free kick (6min)

6:09 PM – 0-2: The Lions Zoom In by Jonas Tidemand (5min)

18:08 – 0-1: Sporting lead, by Jens Schongarth (3min)

18:04 – First chance for the Dragons, but Areia was unable to score with a conversion to the 7-yard ball

18:00 – Meeting begins

FC Porto: Nikola Mitrevski, Sebastian Frandsen, Diogo Oliveira, Rui Silva, Leonel Fernandes, Diogo Branquinho, Areia, Miguel Alves, Victor Iturriza, Daymaro Salina, Jesús Hurtado, Pedro Valdés, Pedro Cruz, Djibril M’Bengue, Fábio Magalhães

Sports: Matevz Skok, Manuel Gaspar, Yassine Belkaid, Natán Suárez, Carlos Ruesga, Hanser Rodríguez, Mamadou Gassama, Francisco Tavares, Jose Folqués, António Machado, Jonas Tidemand, Edmilson Araújo, Francisco Costa, Salvador, Jens Schongarth, Martim Costa


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