Brasília is hosting an innovation event with NFT’s exhibition

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The current process of innovation encompasses communication, consumption, decision-making and the implementation of solutions that value and facilitate human life. Maintaining this trend is sure to anticipate new times and new eras. And in this respect, the center of the country, where the most important political and governmental decisions take place, will be sanctified with the advent of 2nd Innova Summit. Between 21 and 23 June, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, there will be an event designed to connect, educate and inspire all participants in their personal and professional lives.

The event, which promises to bring together everything covering the world of innovation and technology in one place, is organized by the Conecta Brasil Institute, in collaboration with the DF Tourism Department, the DF Economic Development Department and BRB Finance, through FAP promotion and support periods.

The second series of Innova Summit will be full of experiences that will allow participants to know, gain awareness, feel and experience innovation in a free sense. “Our goal is to promote change, development, revolution from a worldview for the better. We believe that innovation is much more than technological innovation. Our goal is to create relationships and connections between participants and each other and in the new era, said Eduardo Moreira, president of the Instituto Conecta Brasil and one of the founders of Innova Summit.

In addition to being an experiential event of innovation, the Innova Summit will have programs in the master living room, international programming, a launch exhibition and a Gammer Arena, in addition to Innova Academya full -fledged innovative initiative.

O Innova Academy Designed especially for students and faculty in the institution who will be participating in the event. However, if there is a vacancy in the Master’s living room after the start of the lecture (starting at 8:20 h), access to Innova Academy to other participants enrolled in the Innova Summit.

Arena Games, with an afternoon schedule on the 22nd and 23rd, will showcase the major changes to everyone through the way online games are played and, in addition, promote the broadcast. business -targeted content that brings major trends and technologies to this market. . All content will be taught at Arena Games with a focus on the business opportunities offered by this platform and will open up in the youth the growth of entrepreneurship for those who have not yet seen the opportunities available. this market is offered.

In addition, topics such as GameJamPlus as an incentive for the player business, the digital game industry in DF, the integration of game studios in SPCINE, how to support Brazilian gaming startups and a variety of content aimed at those who wish to take the first step. discussed.

One of the most interesting and highlighting Innova Summit is the identification of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token or non-fungible token, in Portuguese). NFT is a special type of cryptographic symbol that represents something unique. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, NFT is non -convertible. An unusable symbol represents something special and unique, and cannot be replaced. The advantage of NFT’s is that in addition to the names of digital elements or physical elements associated with their digital records in the Blockchain, NFTs are becoming more and more popular. Inside Innova Summit will have an exhibition of NFT art on the event stage, via a digital screen.

Experts in the innovation and technology market will honor the event by disseminating their experience and knowledge. It is important to highlight the presence of Pedro Caxa, Gamer, YouTuber and personality on social media, he is known as the creator of the game Camp Wars. In addition to Pedro, well-known speakers such as Thiago Nigro, founder of Grupo Primo, an environment that seeks to strengthen access to knowledge for people who want to gain financial freedom and build wealth, Pablo Marçal, author of the bestseller Antimedo, João Pedro Motta, entrepreneur since the age of 17, he worked in the market of technology, marketing, hacking and influencers, Nina Silva, executive in Technology during Over 20 years old, specialist in business management and digital change with international background, Leandro Carnal, historian, PhD in Social History from USP. A member of the Academia Paulista de Letras, a professor at Unicamp for more than 20 years, known nationwide as an important writer, speaker, scholar and inventor, João Kepler created a calm, inspiring speech. , motivates and thinks that generates new ideas that motivate participants. with a different perspective, Carlos Busch, is an executive with more than 20 years in the market, journalist for MIT Technology Review Brasil, supporter of the Fuja da Média channel and vice president of Salesforce Latin America and Tony Ventura, a technology expert, travels the world learning about new technologies and offering the best to his audience as a speaker on innovation. All of these names will add a lot of knowledge to Innova Summit. One key person who will be there will be actor, voice actor and comedian Marcos Luque, who will be releasing the NFT collection in an unprecedented way.

O Innova Summit, which has free registration, is an activity beyond the realm of simple speech and the dissemination of new content. It should be noted, however, that the registration made does not guarantee admission to the lectures, which depends on ability and admission to them will come first, without reservation. Registration is possible on the event website.

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