Brazilian duo DJ Dubdogz have teamed up with DUX to create a space in the metaverse The Sandbox

ny beginning Brazilian DJ from Web3 DUX teamed up with Brazilian duo DJ Dubdogz to bring them to the metaverse The Sandbox (SAND), making brothers Marcos and Lucas Ruback Schmidt the first Brazilian artists in ‘the music division has created a similar function in a dedicated virtual world. based on blockchain technology.

With a five -year career, Dubdogz is currently one of the leading references to electronic music produced in Brazil and has performed at major festivals in the country and around the world. now, such as Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Só Track Boa and XXXperience. During their brief career, the duo has had collaborations on the program with other heavyweights in the electronic world, such as Alok, Moguai and Vintage Culture, and founded his own brand, Chorou Records.

The first of the metaverse The Sandbox is the duo’s new venture into the development of their international work. Dubdogz acquired virtual land on stage and worked with DUX and architecture studio Shift to create a space in the metaverse to host virtual events and presentations. The initiative provides a new way for the two to connect with fans, and could increase Dubdogz’s production potential, as the brothers highlighted in a press release:

“We have followed the revolution in this new world of Web 3.0 and we feel that now is the time to mark our presence, not only for ourselves, but especially so that our people can continue to enjoy our work there. It’s a natural evolution for everyone who works in the entertainment industry, produces content, seeks to be in the place of their audience, brings new experiences that complement their experience constantly with our music ”.

Brazil’s largest blockchain gambling community, DUX is extending its head by joining Dubdogz, as highlighted by Luiz Octávio Goncalves Neto, founder and CEO of DUX:

“” When Dubdogz started in the metaverse, we expanded our operations and offered new solutions for artists wishing to be part of the technological revolution and the global trend of major brands to be in the world of players as well ”.

Dubdogz’s first sunset show in the metaverse The Sandbox. Source: DUX

The Dubdogz space at The Sandbox includes a large stage built near the beach, a pool and other venues so that fans of electronic music can enjoy a unique experience. There is also an underground space that has been created by the duo and many other partners, says Luiz Octávio:

“We know that the quality of the metaverse depends not only on promoting a social experience, but on gamification. Dubdogz fans want to bring something unique, where they can’t enjoy the vibe of ‘ live shows and interact with their favorite DJs, but also Easter egg hunts, full -fledged quests, finding hidden lines, facing challenges and mini -games.While the first update aims to introduce cyberpunk depths where players can battle. swords and shields, set to the sound of Dubdogz.

The duo’s debut in The Sandbox metaverse was performed on a sunset show at a pool party and just the beginning of a path that foresaw the start of a special collection of NFTs (unusable signals), a gamified era with space upgrades, in addition to unprecedented film production that will be featured the duo’s avatar relates to the virtual situation. on stage.

Dubdogz’s sunset show in the metaverse The Sandbox.

The collaboration between Dubdogz and Dux is embedded in a global trend of unity in the world of games and pop music that has gained popularity among popular Brazilian artists. . DJ Alok had the most used avatar in the history of “Free Fire”, the most popular mobile game among users in Latin America. Recently, rapper Emicida performed at Fortnite. And the Anitta case has just announced a partnership with Free Fire to create the avatar in the game world, in addition to developing other special events for her fans as well in the virtual world.

As recently reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, Brazil ranks second in the ranking of global NFT constructions recently published by the Statista data monitoring platform. A survey by the company revealed that five million Brazilians have at least one NFT.


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