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There is a saying: swear, but speak about me, and so is the joy of the former president of the republic, as is often reported in JP News. The commenter clearly states his name and others call him an ex-con, which is real. As one of the oldest journalists in the country, Gilberto Amaral, thinks that it is presented in an exaggerated way to an audience that is within a topic as stated in the speech. he is above. An idea of ​​70 years of journalism, still active in this column.

name on the dress

Because the topic is about the elections that will take place in October, but on the car floor may not happen due to some behavior, the name of the Federal District government is in the pocket of party leader’s shirt: Peter Parente. As Ibrahim Sued recalls, “in society everything is known”.

useless work

I always think of the country of Paraná’s representative, Álvaro Dias, to ask his colleagues to support his compatriot Edson Fachin for the country’s Supreme Court. It was our job to closely monitor the transfer of the Supreme Court, before the inauguration of Brasília. The Supreme Court, which is rarely or almost never mentioned to journalists, wants to rule the country now. Frankly, the government’s disrespect is the 1988 constitution enacting Article 142, in which it is the role of the President of the Republic to declare that there is peace, order and law in the country. country.


The Italian Embassy will host, at 8 pm, the ‘Concerto Embaixada Verde’ by the students of the Orchestra and Choir of the Instituto Reciclando Sons. They will present Italian and Brazilian music. The event will be available on YouTube (

squinting eyes

Photographer Mário Miranda is putting his work for sale to fund their recovery after being severely trampled while photographing everyday life in Brasília. In total, 21 images will be printed on cotton paper and painted in an elegant style. The 14 photos, organized by friends at the Unique Palace, will sell for R $ 1,200 in varnish, starting at 6 p.m.

mutual exchange

At a special ceremony this Sunday, at 7 p.m., at Casa Itaim, São Paulo, Paula Cabrera da Silva Trazzi and Edmundo Lomba married the beautiful Amanda to the entrepreneur Mário Cia Junior, son of Silvana and Mário Francisco Cia.


Photo: New Zealand wine


New Zealand, famous for its top-notch small wine farms, continues to attract foreign investors. The Rothschild Group has just signed a purchase agreement for the Akarua wine company. The 52-hectare, 34.5-hectare vineyard property (pictured above), is in the award-winning Bannockburn suburb of Central Otago. The place, which produces 25% of the country’s Pinot Noir, is known for its full -bodied Pinot, with beautiful acids, ripe tannins and strong notes of red plum and black cherry. The business is subject to approval by the Office of Foreign Investment, a regulatory body of New Zealand. The group owns 24 ha of Sauvignon Blanc (Rimapere) in Marlborough since 2012, as well as popular properties in Bordeaux, Argentina, Spain and South Africa.


Les Grands Chais de France (GCF) is continuing its expansion process and acquiring Viña Las Niñas wines in the Apalta region of Chile. In the Colchagua Valley, the house was built by three French families in 1997 and has 40 acres of vineyards. The French group, which has 68 properties from north to south of France, is also expanding into Europe with the purchase of two wineries, Castillo de Aresan, in Spain and Danubiana, in Hungary. GCF, founded by Joseph Helfrich in 1979 and owner of the JP Chenet brand, was the first winemaker and wine exporter in France.

Wine technology

Former Amazon Europe executive Xavier Garambois co-founded with two other co-founders (Guillaume Jourdan, CEO of Vitabella and Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of the San Francisco Palate Club), The platform, under construction, will launch in 2022 and is said to be the first dedicated website for the sale of wine from NFT. Unusable identification technology aims to prevent fraud in the wine market due to a single cryptographic identification, which proves the authenticity of the wine purchased.


something new

Following the launch of the first NFTs (unusable brands) dedicated to the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés at Wine Paris, the Maison Bouey Grands Crus is offering wine lovers to take part in the 2022 premiere sales campaign on of the NFT form. In partnership with around 15 wineries, the French group is putting NFT for sale through the Binance platform, allowing the purchase of boxes of 6 bottles of these wines. Participating wineries include Château La Tour Carnet, Château Dauzac, Château Cantemerle, Château Pape Clément, Château Gruaud Larose, Château Lagrange, Château Peby Faugères and Château Lafaurie.

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