Developing the crypto trading world: An interview with exeno CEO

The blockchain revolution is starting a new era of innovation. As the future of cryptocurrency is at the end of all industry horizons, exeno is on track to change the dynamic concept of buying and selling products by creating a crypto environment. commerce (c-commerce) first.

Exeno develops a multi -tool, cryptocurrency environment that aims to unleash users ’skills in using cryptocurrencies. First responders will enjoy a simple, fast and secure exeno market. More advanced crypto users will find joy in platform innovations such as the Stake Back rewards program inspired by the traditional e-commerce cashback program. And users at all levels will be looking at other features of the platform’s ecosystem, from communication programs to cryptocurrency- exeno coin (EXN).

In an interview with the CEO exeno -Tom Babiak-talked about the platform, the c-commerce ecosystem, the products and features offered by exeno, and much more.

1. What was the vision behind the creation of exeno? Please describe the journey involved in creating this platform.

Before exeno officially launched in 2020, it had previous projects and experience in the fields of technology, commerce and crypto. It can even be said that the exeno was the platform that combined all the previous efforts under one roof. Thus, the introduction of crypto and e-commerce, and the combination of the two of what we now call crypto commerce (as well as “c-commerce”) has become only natural. The next area of ​​focus, however, has been to look at the industry as a whole and see where the crypto market is located. Needless to say, it has been and is still recent.

Our belief as a team has always been that crypto is and should become a form of payment for everyday goods like fiat ever since; however, for a number of reasons this is still far from the goal. We stepped back and decided to set our final prediction: when someone thinks of crypto trading, exeno is the brand that comes to their mind. From that last goal, we had to start really thinking about the needs of this particular industry. Exeno 1.0 was launched in mid -2021 as the first phase of this journey. It’s nothing more than a merchant website with a crypto payment gateway, but it has become the first proof of concept (PoC) where we’ve gathered useful ideas.

By the end of 2021, the core team had taken all the studies) and started developing the guidelines. He realizes that buying in crypto alone is not an important issue as many portals have already made it possible to do so. It’s about building an unprecedented solution that will not only provide a unique crypto shopping experience but will also advance the platform. ny Directions we have published the highest of all.

2. What are the unique features of exeno over other domains in the crypto space?

The focus on the crypto trading sector – although not a feature in the traditional sense – is already something that exeno features. We are not a centralized exchange or distribution center or the latest DeFi platform, we aim to bring decades of refined Web 2.0 e-commerce experience into the Web 3.0 / crypto space but make it even better with the features that blockchain technology uses. All of the features we put in place – even if they already exist – will be compatible with some aspect of the crypto trading experience.

We are building a non-existent crypto bridge to our exeno currencies (in today’s trading platform) to empower multi-blockchain currencies, and even if the currency has its own uses it will improve performance. experience in an exeno environment through a personal discount. partner commission payments, a new change to the traditional cashback we call Stake Back (cashback with staking), and much more. It will also empower the future features we have planned including the NFT market not only focused on traditional uses for NFTs, but also on exeno needs as proof of ownership. based on NFT.

We plan to use SSI-based technology, not only to verify its identity but to solve a long-standing problem facing the e-commerce industry, which is counterfeit reviews. We will also include a payment gateway with features not found in the crypto space including an encryption center that will be part of the backbone for the next version of exeno 2.0 , and many more to come on the horizon.

3. What can c-commerce do in the rapidly expanding crypto world?

The platform has recently introduced the motto is “enabling crypto”. We feel that c-commerce can play an important role in the challenge of building a crypto mass. Once the user realizes that it has more usage than fiat, it should lead to it being used for more daily needs & purchases like fiat ever, generally bringing crypto into habit every day, and bring it into one’s life.

This phrase also has a special meaning in crypto trading especially as this focus allows a user to take something digital and convert it into a physical object as if it had been restored. Along with its environment, exeno is designed to not only introduce other crypto projects, but in fact, other strong factors supporting the use of crypto.

4. In your opinion, what is the role of the sector in pushing the c-commerce environment forward?

Today, the field is not just a product, but a team, vision and attitude. Currently, there is no other company that focuses specifically on this area. Of course, there are companies that focus on its components, but exeno focuses on all the areas that make up a crypto trading environment, and with that only we can say that it plays a role. great for pushing this platform.

5. What is an exeno coin (EXN)? What components does it provide to the world of platforming?

To achieve our goal of an ambitious future, we have released exeno coins to “embed” all the features. It is an EIP 1363 coin that is currently sold in three major denominations and is already taking on a number of approaches as a result. We thought that if we wanted to lead the crypto trading sector we would have to become blockchain agnostic.

In addition, it will offer a discount on the market, it is the only discount on all exeno programs and features such as a referral program soon and the new Stake Back program that allows an employer receives a pre -determined amount. for goods purchased on the market that pass a 30-day waiting period before payment is made; however, during this period it is listed and gets APY competing so that users get more than expected! Of course, all future features listed in the guide will only rely on exeno funds to work.

6. Can you explain more about the different products and services in the NFT market?

The goal of the NFT market is to include a safe and secure place where pre -certified creators can sell and market their work; However, we will also use NFT technology to provide proof of purchase of products in our market that can be used for various purposes such as insurance for example.

We will also explore other “digital meet physical” corners with a simple example of a user who buys a new phone and then buys an NFT wallpaper for him. In summary, the team here knows that launching another NFT market may not provide additional value, but there are still many uses of NFT technology that have not yet been explored that will complement the exeno experience.

7. The stake rewards program is amazing, what was the idea behind this reform?

As mentioned in previous answers, part of our mission is mass building and that includes education. Cashback programs are the subject of many e-commerce platforms, so we thought about how we could take it, reward users, but at the same time show them benefits that are truly crypto. Stake Back is a simple yet effective way to provide for all of these needs.

When a user purchases goods with a Stake Back, they only receive a percentage of the value of the goods returned in the exeno amount. Like a traditional cashback, there is a waiting period. To us, it was 30 days. During this period, exeno funds are deposited. In the end, users get more than they expected, and the theory is that users want to understand more about the process, and may not only educate them on the benefits of crypto but encourage them to implement it more. more.

8. In your opinion, are international brands aware of the potential of a revolutionary space such as c-commerce, and how exciting are they to be a part of it?

Of course they are, but while they may be an international brand in the traditional / Web 2.0 space, we also see patterns in this area that we can’t fully understand how to adapt to. the Web 3.0 platform. From all the recent information, they are very concerned about all the possibilities of crypto and its platforms like c-commerce. We’ve seen brands try to get into space, but they’re still trying. We feel that this is where exeno has an advantage, and this is mainly due to the fact that it only focuses here with the experienced talent supporting it, something that is still lacking in international brands.

9. What awaits the Exeno route? Can you explain your goals for this year?

If we look at our schedule, we are very ambitious, and we aim to meet the deadline without delay. We are building our own bridges with respected companies in this field. We have started and will further expand the use related to exeno coins; we aim to release the first version of our portal as well as exeno 2.0.

In summary, we have been building and releasing products including exeno for many years, and by 2022 we will see the installation of more features closer to our ultimate goal, when you think about crypto trading, the only exeno should enter your head.

For more information on exeno, please visit official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid article and should not be taken as news/advice.

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