EDNS announces the Beta release of EDNS Messaging, integrating mobile messaging with Web 3.0

EDNS announces the Beta release of EDNS Messaging, integrating mobile messaging with Web 3.0

SINGAPORE, 14 June 2022 / PRNewswire/-EDNS is proud to announce the beta release of EDNS Message, a feature on top of the EDNS Platform that integrates mobile messaging with Web 3.0 technology. This feature is the first in the blockchain market to integrate Web 3.0 with traditional telecom services as a way to secure commercial security in digital assets.

EDNS Message Beta Ver released
EDNS Message Beta Ver released

EDNS is an EVM -based blockchain solution for name and search services. It allows blockchain users to translate their machine -readable address into a human -readable address. It provides dedicated voice services for Web3.0-related requirements, including Digital Wallet, web hosting, Web3.0 ID in the digital world. In addition, to serve more users, EDNS will expand to support more blockchains, and will eventually become a multichain platform.

The problem we face today

Digital wallets on the market allow transactions with classmates based on public addresses that are pseudo-anonymous, user can’t tell who starts it or who is the recipient. I can’t either they are communicates to the recipient of this transaction.

This is what EDNS is all about.

EDNS is here to solve the EDNS Message

The EDNS platform used by EDNS, which allows users to create nicknames for all of their addresses and distribution sites, was launched with April 12, 2022. With the intention of bridging the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, EDNS has completed a number of steps including the successful beta release of EDNS Message.

As a first in the Web3.0 space, EDNS Message comes with a unique feature that makes domain-to-mobile connectivity complete, which restores remote connectivity. on Web 3.0 today. This application is convenient and secure because the user can send free messages within the EDNS network through their domain and phone number.

Use case: two-factor verification

EDNS Message solves the problem with existing power distribution solutions-the exchange in the wallet cannot identify the recipient’s information, which results in incorrect transactions or even money being stolen. With a phone number connected to the system, EDNS Message can guarantee access to the wallet and confirm the exchange by verifying it through a message received by the user. as a two -step verification.

EDNS Message Public Test

EDNS has created the EDNS Message Public Test Campaign to encourage users to try this function recently. Interested users can follow the official EDNS channel for more information.

Meanwhile, EDNS CEO Ms. Joey Lam | He expressed his excitement about the EDNS Message beta release and said: “The EDNS team has the privilege of helping the world adapt to the Web 3.0 horizon with state-of-the-art technology. Web 3.0 with exchanges their digital assets are protected by ENDS technology. “

What’s next in EDNS?

EDNS has many more features in the channel that will improve Internet security and the security of digital assets to achieve its goal of bringing to market the best scaling solution for Web 3.0 in of the border. EDNS will also provide dedicated storage, dedicated web hosting, and web design services that propel Web 2.0 into a truly dedicated future.

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