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More and more companies (and even governments) are investing in creating the metaverse, a virtual world seen by many as the next frontier of the Internet, where users can interact using avatars. But for this new generation of networking to become a reality, we must also create new jobs. Want to know what they are?

The .cult site listed 9 ideas before. See below:

1- Metaverse Research Scientist

These professionals need to build something similar theory of everything, which includes the visible and possible world. This architecture is the basis for building all other use cases (games, advertising, quality control in the company, health related, etc.).

Skills needed: to become a research scientist at metaversecandidates may need to obtain a PhD in depth study, computer vision, computer graphics, or computer graphics – additional, of course, knowledge of the program.

2 – Metaverse Strategist

If CEOs have a mission to define the vision and goals for creating and increasing metaverse revenue for their companies, they depend on strategy bringing a portfolio of opportunities ranging from proof of concept to pilot and installation. This means identifying market opportunities, building cases, impacting technical guidelines, developing key metrics, etc.

Skills needed: Specialists should have years of management experience, knowledge of HW / SW / SaaS / PaaS business models and sales, as well as a business attitude.

3 – Creator of the environment

O metaverse it requires the creation of an environment around it, and it is the role of this professional to carry out this work. In practice, he is responsible for coordinating with partners and the government to ensure that the different levels of work created are feasible. And one point you should focus on is interoperability, so that customers of the new virtual world can use the purchased goods in a different experience.

Skills needed: How do you become an environmentalist? Has experience in institutional relationships and a strong understanding of the XR industry.

4 – Metaverse Security Manager

To be a safe place the metaverse needs a lot of work and investment. Privacy, signal verification interior and safety will be among the requirements. Anyone working in this field must provide guidance and oversight on all of this during the process of design, verification and mass production.

The task will not be easy, however, experts must carefully anticipate how to use the metaverse functions and the shape of the security components, systems and production processes associated with these predictions.

Skills needed: ny New jobs may require engineering degrees and experience in technology and security.

5 – Metaverse Hardware Manufacturer

The metaverse is not built on just code. You also need sensors, cameras, headphones and virtual glasses, for example. All of this will be key to creating a digital world that is interconnected with the physical world. And it will come on equipment manufacturer collect and adapt these materials.

Skills needed: to work in this field, the most important thing is the experience with the equipment and the ability to work with complex consumer electronics.

6 – Metaverse Narrator

That person will be responsible for it develop immersive missions for users to explore the metaverse, as well as training platforms for the military, business opportunities in the form of corporate narratives, psychological meetings, among other situations.

Skills needed: In this case, you may need to be an expert in the literature, be a good narrator, understand storytelling and, most importantly, have special skills in Marketing.

7 – Founder of the universe

The role requires a lot of skill game creator. In addition, global manufacturers need to think ahead, as most of their dreams will never come in the form of technology or product solutions. They also need to consider the rules and ethics of this new virtual world.

Skills needed: anyone who wants to become a creator of the world has to be like a “warrior poet”, a graphic designer with experience in 3D and virtual reality.

8- Expert in ad blocking

Meta (formerly Facebook) makes money from ad sales, and metaverse may follow a similar path. For users who don’t want to be bombarded with a lot of ads, it’s a must Advanced blockers enough to find those who are involved in reality. This is where these experts come in.

Skills needed: to be a professional in the field, candidates must have a basic knowledge of code and, most importantly, access to metaverse source code.

9 – Metaverse cybersecurity expert

Like the internet, the metaverse promises to be a target of cyber attacks and fraud. This requires hiring a professional staff cyber security. These professionals will prevent real-time interference and ensure that laws and protocols are reviewed and corrected, and may even be created, to include potential risks in the virtual world.

Skills needed: Experience in common cybersecurity and/or technical expertise in the system are among the requirements.

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