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Advances in the field of augmented reality (AR) have reached the world of technology a few years ago, with the emergence of applications that can combine virtual content with real images. With the popularity of the recent concept of the metaverse (immersive virtual world), this innovative proposal has grown again-with virtual reality, 5G and holograms.

And the market’s secret to benefiting the metaverse is through AR applications, features software engineer Mateus Bueno. For him, this technology can provide a more practical and accessible meaning to immersive experiences in new systems, attracting more people.

“Augmented reality is an area of ​​the metaverse that is most likely to absorb in the short and medium term, because it is easier [e barato] users access virtual content embedded in the real world rather than relying on virtual reality tools [que são mais caros]”, he said.

In addition, the AR experience is easily accessible on today’s mobile cameras. If you want to experience a virtual environment, it is necessary to get the right glasses – which requires more investment.

Today, for example, there are platforms used to create AR experiences, both on mobile phones and in Internet browsers. The hope is that, soon, new tools and software should meet these requirements as well.

“Right now, our eyes are always fixed, fixed on mobile phones. With reality growing, we will see the real world again, but with a digital element, information that can be useful and interesting. We’re going to raise our heads. Again, ”said Peggy Johnson, president of AR Magic Leap, about the true value of the metaverse.

How augmented reality works

Álvaro José Rodrigues de Lima, professor in the Department of Expression Technology at the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), explains that we have an evolving world of reality when we take a stand, in real -time, and incorporates virtual objects and creative scenes. gives the impression that the virtual object belongs to the real world.

“This ancient park attraction, where a woman transforms into a gorilla, will be a kind of growing reality without the use of sophisticated technology,” added Professor Romero Tori, of the Centro Universitário Senac. .

Currently, there are four major aspects of growing reality.

  1. The camera captures the real world, and the software includes virtual elements on top of the video.
  2. With virtual reality glasses and a built-in camera, users can see the environment in advance with virtual elements.
  3. Semi-transparent lens lenses blend the environment with the image.
  4. The video mapping technique places images on the tombs of buildings.

Which of the areas should AR better exploit?

Entertainment: technology has been used a lot in games. There are also apps that cover art information and it is also possible to manipulate virtual learning objects as they are on a table.

HEALTH: to facilitate surgery. Before a physician begins the procedure, he or she may use AR to make a plan for possible patient intervention.

Fashion: Companies like Nike and Amazon are also thriving and selling clothing and shoes through embedded devices like avatars.

Hydrology, Ecology and Geology: Displays specific and detailed information about a terrain or map in three forms.

AR challenge

Companies and researchers have been working to develop more applications in this field, but some experts believe it shouldn’t become popular so quickly, even though it could change our relationship with technology.

“It can be very difficult to work with growing reality because of the tools [dispositivo] you really need to catch his eye: show him something that is not in that place. You have to put digital content in space and it’s a huge optical challenge that can’t be solved miraculously, so we’ve been in this industry for 10 years, ”said Magic Leap president.

Below are some examples of applications that work with augmented reality:

Image: Information

Flightradar24 (iOS, Android)

The purpose of this application is to identify and carry data about the planes passing through the sky at that time. To do this, just show your phone’s camera.

Ingress - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Information

Ingress Prime (iOS, Android)

Produced by Niantic who created “Pokémon Go”, Ingress Prime is a science fiction game in which you engage in a mysterious energy strategy and an open portal to the world. With GPS enabled, the game knows your route and shows you the exact points where the gateway is open; you have to go there and fight for the energy source.

Wikitude - Information - Information
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Wikiitude (iOS, Android)

Wikitude allows you to view images from magazines that have been created specifically for the app and displays more multimedia resources such as images, text and videos. Used on the street, it also adds additional information about the public location.

RC toy car - Release - Release
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Toy Car RC (iOS, Android)

This one is simple and effective: download the app from your phone, print or download the bookmark image on another device and then just place the cart on top of the bookmark image. You can carry it around the room as well as through the virtual set. Good for kids.

Screen - Notification - Notification
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Upgrade (iOS, Android)

With Augment you can deploy 3D models in a variety of applications in the real world. You can resize, rotate and even resize. If a furniture store offers a chair model through an application system, you can see what it looks like in the living room before you buy it.

Skyview - Release - Release
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Skyview (iOS, Android)

Astronomy applications are common, and they use mobile devices to show the location of each star in the sky. The difference with Skyview is that it opens up the camera and blends your world with a picture of a group of stars, day or night.

Aurasma - Information - Information
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Zookazam (iOS, Android)

An educational application that creates 3D animals and objects when combined with images printed on paper or on a computer screen. It is better for children to understand the physiognomy of a shark without having to touch it, for example.

Anatomy 4D - Release - Release
Image: Information

Anatomy 4D (iOS, Android)

Another focuses on learning. Print or download these images on a sheet of paper for bookmarking. Then, with the application, you can get a 3D model of the human body and can share it with all its structures: circulation, muscles, bones, etc. There are even specific models of the human heart.

* With articles by Márcio Padrão and Natália Eiras.

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