first probable case in Missouri, Indiana

The Indian Department of Health also said it was conducting an investigation into the possibility of smallpox, but did not disclose the location of the patient, which they said was isolated.

Relations between the two states continue to be monitored. The first tests were performed in a laboratory at the Department of Health and confirmatory tests are awaiting at a disease control and prevention laboratory in the United States.

“The risk of infectious diseases generally remains low,” said Indian health commissioner Drs. Chris Box. “Smallpox is rare and doesn’t spread easily in short, insignificant contact.”

Since Friday CDC. More than 110 reported cases of monkeypox/orthopox virus have been confirmed in various states. California has 24 cases, followed by New York with 21 and Illinois with 15.

The Houston, Texas Department of Health confirmed the first case of smallpox on Saturday.

“The resident showed symptoms when he returned from a trip and developed a debilitating disease,” the Houston Department of Health said in a written statement. “The resident didn’t need to be hospitalized and is alone in the house.”

The first case of smallpox in the United States in 2022 was reported in mid -May when a Massachusetts resident tested positive after returning from Canada.
More than 2,103 confirmed cases and one suspected case of smallpox worldwide were reported to the WHO this year in 42 countries, including one death worldwide. NigeriaAccording Status Update Who Who.

Monkeypox is a rare virus, a cousin of the now extinct smallpox virus. It is widespread in the Western and Central regions and is often transmitted by rodents or small mammals. It is not easily passed from one person to another.

However, the monkeypox virus can be spread through contact with body fluids, monkeypox sores, or items such as clothing and bedding contaminated with the virus. It can also be spread from person to person through soapy water, often near them, the CDC said.

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