Following two confirmed cases of monkeypox in Brazil, WHO warns about surveillance measures in the country


Two cases of the disease have been confirmed in the city of São Paulo

Photo: used with permission from CDC/Getty Images
Photo: used with permission from CDC/Getty Images

This week, two cases of monkeypox were confirmed in Brazil. The latest data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than a thousand cases of the disease have been diagnosed in at least 29 countries, considered to be free of the virus. .

The agency warns that the situation is meant to be checked, but there is no reason to alert residents. Although the disease is transmitted by viruses, such as Covid-19, the mode of transmission of the two diseases is not the same. Although the coronavirus can be more easily transmitted through the air, monkeypox requires close contact with an infected person or something that person uses.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom told reporters this new cases can be prevented if the affected countries try to identify all the cases and all the links to control the spread of the disease.. “To support the countries, the WHO has issued guidelines on monkeypox control and contact monitoring, laboratory testing and screening. In the coming days, we will publish guidelines on clinical care, prevention and control of infections, vaccines and more guidelines on community protection. ”said Adhanom.

Monkeypox case in Brazil

The first case in the country was confirmed on June 8, of a man in Spain and Portugal. He is still isolated in a hospital in São Paulo. The 2nd case is also a man, but is solitary in his home in Vinhedo, in the center of the state.


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