Gabriella Consoli: Where is my metaverse subscription fee?

Technological innovation never ceases to present challenges to legislators and the topic of major consideration today is the metaverse. Among the debates that arise, a topic that directly affects the field of intellectual property is the spread of music, in relation to performances and artistic events in this parallel world of technology.

With the impact of Emicida’s performance there fortnite, the Brazilian legal world is clearly concerned about the potential difficulties of this post-modernity. In fact, it is a fact that Brazil is making a slow step in this development, considering that the fortnite has been promoting virtual shows with big names since 2019, such as Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, which have found great success with millions of listeners. Such exposure doesn’t stop at Fortnite, advancing to other gaming platforms like Wave, which featured the 2021 launch of pop singer Justin Bieber.

Recently, on May 5, 2022, there was an announcement about the creation of Anitta’s avatar in the game. Free Fire, as a result of the singers ’collaboration on the game. The Garena company has announced a new event for the game Free Fire with singers, who will feature new, unique music and new challenges, no date has yet been set for the public.

In the face of these constant innovations, the legal world is beginning to consider the copyright and related rights of songs made in the metaverse context. When we talk about copyright and related rights, there are a number of people involved, such as the author himself (creator of the work), the artist, or the singer, dancer, actor, voice actor, in short, all participants in the execution of the work.

Unlike what happens in the metaverse, such characters are represented by avatars, which represent and represent physical people who have a right to reality according to familiar to us. Therefore, works in the metaverse also have and deserve legal protection, given that they are also forms of human expression, whether literary, artistic, or literary. scientific or technological.

An interesting point is to think about the progress of the participants in the field of music in the metaverse, considering that copyright and related rights already belong to many people each. kind of included in that protection. In the music experience in the metaverse, a new layer of protection seems to be emerging from the already difficult erosion of copyright and related rights in the music industry. This layer comes from copyright and copyright, which makes it legal for the universe to consider copyright and copyright, not only in the metaverse, but in the world ’ web 3.0 in general.

As is often the case in capitalist realities, the greatest advantage of this debate is, in short, the property rightsthat is, the rights of character involved in the protection of copyright and related get your favorite software. In the United States, we have moved forward with discussions regarding these rights and the payment of compensation, so the NMPA (National Music Publishers Association) filed a lawsuit worth approximately $ 200 million for copyright infringement. In theory, the multiverse scene could produce work that would require the compilation of software for a musical performance, which was not the case in this case.

To avoid any kind of discussion in this regard, although there are no proper rules in the Brazilian legal system, a fact characteristic of the popular disruptive technology, which is important. so find commercial support in detail. In this way, personal autonomy can protect the parties from the failure of legal delays, either by the elaboration of an appointment, license or atypical agreement, which includes a code that may cover technologies that exist as a result of technological developments, as they already exist. obtained permission from the Supreme Court in REsp 1,098,626/RJ.

In this regard, a positive view of the rise of modernity must be in line with the line of reference for the simplicity of the office. Starting with smart contracts or an intelligent agreement entered into by negotiation through blockchain, everything is expected to be written in a secure and automated network. Therefore, it will be possible to quickly calculate the family rights of each party that make up the extent of the copyrights and rights associated with the work done on the network.

This is the way to go Stay in terms of receiving compensation: self-sufficiency goes independently of legal progress, automating the fulfillment of contractual obligations smart contract. Each entry to the show, compensation is received for each character holding the rights. Each time you enter an event, the financial credit is paid automatically and legally. Each game, rewards are distributed.


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