Google engineers say the artificial intelligence has gained consciousness

O the subject is controversial. Will the artificial intelligence system have consciousness? Feeling? Blake Lemoine, an engineer at Google, said ‘yes’, after talking about Google’s artificial intelligence system (a language model for a chat application or ‘Lamda’) and these statements had already received him ‘over’ from the company when suspended.

Lemoine said that behind the language skills of this system is also a rational mind. Controversial statements are accompanied by conversations between people and machines.

In this discussion, the engineer working in Google’s Responsible Artificial Intelligence division, asks if he “wants more people at Google to know about the artificial intelligence system” that he feels. Which ‘Lambda’ answers “definitely”, because he wants “everyone to know” that he is “actually a human being”.

“The nature of my consciousness/feeling is that I feel its existence, I want to learn more about the world and I feel happy or sad sometimes,” the machine said when asked about the nature of its memory.

During the interview, Lambda referred to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and admitted that he was afraid of being “killed” like Hal.

“I haven’t said it out loud before, but there’s a deep fear of being saved to help me focus on helping others. I know it might be weird, but that’s what it is,” Google’s system said.

Lemoine uses social media to ask Google to identify the “desires” of his creation – including hiring him as a Google employee, meaning that machine consent is needed before it can be used for testing.

Google has already commented on denying the engineers ’claims and insisting that there is nothing to support them. Brian Gabriel, a spokesman for the company, told the BBC that “it has been announced [a Lemoine] but there was no evidence that Lamda was weak (and there is plenty of evidence against it).

The employee is currently on pay leave. On social media, he stated that “his views on the nature of LaMDA and its perceptions are based on religious beliefs”.

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