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Where will the metaverse take us? (Photo: Hero Images // Getty Images)

One of the things that caught my attention in the Southwest (SXSW) people seem to have very strong desires electronics MANOME real life. It manifested itself in many different ways, in different speeches and ways. It was very clear to me that, even because of what has happened in the last few years, with epidemic and now with ADYpeople are trying to escape a reality that can be very exhausting at times.

For example, when talking about metaverse, which was one of the most talked about topics at the event, was nothing but detachment from the real world. You step out of your everyday life and enter a world where you can be anything – a different character, a successful person, even a hero. Thus, the metaverse is the highest expression of this desire to escape the real.

In another way, we were able to enter into a difficult discussion about new treatments for mental health, including psychedelic medicine and medical cannabis. Here again, some people seek separation from the real world, for other reasons. They may even seek a deeper connection with themselves, or with a particular group. So the connection may be broken in search of a connection.

There was also a trail along the way Web 3.0, the decentralized Internet. Here is a brief explanation. You see, Web 1.0 has organized the world’s news, because it’s a lot of it. 2.0 organized the networks, because there was a lot of data. And Web 3.0 will organize the world’s assets, because the network is very streamlined and crowded. And this organization of assets will be the basis on which people can migrate to the metaverse in the future.

When you talk about Web 3.0, blockchain, crypto assets, it’s all part of the same infrastructure that allows people to connect, work and live differently in the future. And all these technologies and systems are related, on the one hand, to a reality. Cryptocurrencies allow you to make transactions without intermediaries, without physical money, without seeing the person you are working with. Far from the truth.

is it good or bad? There is no way to know. Knowing creates something that we will only really enjoy in the future, when everything comes together. Because we still don’t know what these new protocols will do. I don’t have this romantic view that a distributed network will give back to the user the control that was in the hands of big technology, for example. I think the new system will only bring new challenges, which we don’t know yet. Today, with the Internet focused, we have great difficulty in filtering or directing information. Imagine a power distribution network.

In the metaverse it is the same. We’ve mastered the world of the Internet, I know how to navigate it – use Web 2.0 language. But what about the so -called “internet of the future”? What is the guarantee that we will have interoperability, that is, we can easily jump from one universe to another, and we can connect what I do in one universe to two universes? Or to bridge the gap between my A-persona and my B-persona? We didn’t know that was true.

Humans can take on new concepts in linear symbols, but the world is changing on an exponential scale. The metaverse and web 3.0 are jumping, which we’ll get to in a few years. Psychedelics also refers to an unknown universe. And all of that has to do with cutting, because on other planes it’s happening and not here. Where it will take us, I don’t know. It’s a new world, and I don’t have the answers. But after SXSW, I’m sure I was full of new questions.

* Flavio Pripas is the head of Strategy Digibee


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