Metaverse in the pharmaceutical division: three tips to follow this course

Like the retail industry, the digital shopping environment, virtual reality experience and easy payments will bring scalability to the pharmaceutical industry.

By Giovanni Oliveira

In late 2021, we were introduced to the metaverse: “The Internet is set where you are to experience, not just look at it”. That’s the words of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg.

As we consider new proposals in the field, we intend to raise some points between the metaverse and the pharmaceutical market in relation to all the paths to the technologies that have been impacted in this segment. . This new generation platform focuses on humanity, health and the customer experience. Reasons consistent with the principles and values ​​of the pharmaceutical sector.

Like the retail industry, the digital shopping environment, virtual reality experience and easy payments will bring scalability to the segment in question. The pharmacy can serve more customers and reduce fixed costs. Therapeutics and clinical applications can be realities within the pharmaceutical metaverse, expanding resources.

To introduce the platform to this new digital experience, we were able to create three possible paths:

1) Assign specific people in the organization to devote a few hours each week to researching the topics and capabilities of the metaverse, and how they relate to your business model;

two) Promote the movement closer to start -up through an open innovation program;

3) To get a closer look at the challenges and desires of their clients, they look more closely at these issues to understand the “pain” and possible solutions to the problems. The metaverse offers many technologies that can help, such as virtual reality, audio, blockchaina platform for immersive health experiences and much more.

The pharmaceutical startup segment is hot, potential and still unresolved. The pharmacy store has approximately 90,000 stores distributed across the country, and it provides a very attractive financial figure.

The health crisis caused by covid-19 has accelerated the technology in this market, which is attracting good companies for entrepreneurs who want to serve the distribution. Not to mention the scenario of healthcare services that are constantly evolving within the pharmaceutical network, providing an opening for healthcare startups in the field.

Thinking in the medium and long term, the anticipation of technological developments for the sectors of services, software, management, data, e-commerce, commerce and healthcare services is very real. promising. Helps with channel insertion omnicchannel, the pharmacy will not only be a place to buy medicines, but also a wholesome and human-connected environment. All of this will be provided through the implementation of new solutions brought by sector -focused startups.

*Giovanni Oliveira is a senior executive at Farma Ventures

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