MONEY – “I wish they had not played with my work” (Corinthians)

In a press conference after Goiás’ 1-0 win, Vítor Pereira, the Portuguese coach who led the Corinthians, did not hide his anger at the criticism leveled at him. for making various changes. . and the team rotates or, using the Brazilian language, Rotate.

“What I want is for them not to play with me and my work. But, let’s take a look at this team that everyone wants to play in every game: William wasn’t there and was left due to a muscle weakness he had to deal with, Jô wasn’t there, leaving Renato today with we had muscle problems and took care of managing it. it’s no worse than what I have now. Fagner was injured in 11 games. Gil was injured today because he had to play a game non-stop. João Víctor was injured. Anyway, anyone who comes into this kind of team search issue, they have to joke with me, they can’t, because they don’t look into their eyes and don’t see what’s going on. If we didn’t have children, the Corinthians would have fought installation [permanência], but people do not want to know the truth. I heard the conversation, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel… I play the team like three games in a row and get injured. I come down to earth, I love the truth. Should I be satisfied if I have a game in three games and I have almost no players. I play two or three games with the same player and he gets injured. We must be mentally honest. The fans are then deceived and come up with demands they won’t get, period, ”said Vítor Pereira, who was seen struggling with Brazilian press issues, once, around the team’s rotation.

“I’m a little tired of hearing nonsense. If we didn’t caster, if we don’t have the kids ready to come in, what I want is for one of these experts to come and sit in this place and make some kind of team, heavyweight players, I don’t even know how you are. often say. Instead of appreciating what is being done, word comes that he never defines the team. Children play, make mistakes, but try to help. Team type? Do you think I want to be here to move and move and move the team? I am a stabilization coach. In the next game, who will be the football player? Roger took the third yellow. Giovane or Felipe will play, other children, he is there, ”the Portuguese added.

When asked about possible alternatives to attacking a trio, Vítor Pereira said: “These are tactical questions that I spent all night explaining, explaining why I need one method and not the other … wood less, how do I do it? Playing with all the offensive trumpets, in addition to the ability to balance the team, we want to keep playing in the middle and we can’t, as we saw today. “

Vítor Pereira also issued a warning: “The calendar is this, that’s what we have, and in order to have a team competing in every game I need to have a bigger team. The weapons are different compared to other clubs and not we can be compared to other opponents who have what we don’t have.I have done what I can and don’t have to.I have done what I can and the club has done what it can and many are not needed.The reality is hitting us with the right.Looking for a left wing i don’t have it.I have to install Python.It’s not with that bla bla bladeceives people and fans. ”

When asked if the club manager had given a list of names to confirm the ninth place, the coach replied: “The club knows very well that we have a problem. We already had many other solutions, starting with many other solutions to the championship. see of ario [plantel] which began and the present. The club will do what it can. As for lists, I’m not someone who delivers lists. These are internal club matters. We’re biting in front of the championship, with all the limits we have, so don’t come near me with a no -holds -barred claim. “


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