NFT Trade & Swap Multichain Protocol

NFBarter has developed a Web 3.0 marketing protocol to ensure that buying and selling NFT is more secure and efficient. on stage

Instead of listing NFTs for certain ETHs or SOLs, users can list potential sales for NFTs. For example, a user can use the NFbarter protocol to create a commercial service to exchange Bored Monkeys for a bundle containing CryptoPunk, Cryptoadz, and the UNI Uniswap brand.

The possibilities are virtually endless, giving users more control and bringing more value and usability to their existing portfolio.

“Our team has just released what the company requires as a web3 marketplace protocol to buy and sell NFT safely and efficiently. The protocol will allow for a more flexible and defined NFT trading experience. For example, users can submit services for NFT with ETH and SOL, not just ETH prices, ”said Leo Viturin, founder of NFBarter.

The deployment and deployment of NFBarter on Ethereum and Solana will result in an unparalleled trading protocol on a more advanced and seamless platform that will solve liquidity issues in the NFT space.

Addressing this liquidity issue provides more new opportunities, including:

  • Allows developers to combine multiple NFTs into a single service
  • Allows investors to receive the price of an NFT project without signaling and purchase each NFT
  • Fair pricing and easier sales of NFT by collectors and newcomers.

How does the NFBarter protocol work?

NFBarter offers an exchange side of NFT trading. As a result, retailers can get more granular. For example, in the NFbarter platform, each NFT can be defined not only by a trade, but also by its own characteristics.

Therefore, the user can set up a service to sell the NFT to a specific NFT through the ID number. Or they can apply to sell Ape NFT to one of the nine Alien CryptoPunks.

What is the NFB guarantee?

The $ NFB Token is a token used in the NFBarter protocol. It will be used to manage and evaluate the performance of the NFbarter protocol in the future.

$ NFB will have other usage cases:

  • Discount list price (up to 50%).
  • Staking to get more $ NFB
  • opportunity to participate in a discounted offer that is only for $ NFB owners.

How to get $ NFB certificate

It is on a mission to make the NFB ecosystem as decentralized as possible. Therefore, there will be no investment in capitalism. In addition, we have a maximum disk per user for pre-sale rounds to ensure fair brand distribution.

Early investors can earn a $ NFB Token by entering the pre -sale round.

With the launch of the new NFbarter protocol, we believe it will solve new possibilities and tools within the NFT space.

Users will offer new ways to sell and market and seek value in the NFT industry. This, in turn, will increase continued growth for the NFBarter environment.

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