One in three Brazilians want to have their own NFT

More than one in three Brazilians (37%) expect to buy or receive a gift Unusable token (NFT), according to a new study by, a Singapore -based cryptocurrency platform. The survey results show this as well more than 59% of Brazilians plan to buy cryptocurrencies for the first time in the next 12 months.

According to CryptoSlam !, an industrial data collector, NFTtotal sales volume this year has already exceeded $ 10 billion this year, while the total sales volume in 2020 was only around $ 97 million. In addition, interest in of purchase NFTs growing globally, according to data from Google Trends.

The search for with more than 2000 Brazilians also states that more than 13% of respondents do not know what NFTand here is a brief explanation: a token cannot be used is a single data element and cannot be changed stored in digital form in blockchain. tangible property cryptographic to blockchain which is unique and can represent the presence of connected digital elements. In other words, a unique digital image, video or audio is compatible with the wallet cryptocurrency and can be sold as a painting at an auction house.

The survey asked Brazilians about their investment habits and found that not only 40% of respondents have already invested crypto currency in the last 12 months, but 37% want to have it NFTs. Of those who have already invested crypto currencymore than a quarter (26%) plan to invest NFTsthe real reason is to apply as an investment or as a protection against insecurity.

59% of Brazilians want to get crypto currency in the coming months

Surveys in the country also found that the economic crisis, rising inflation and Real’s performance are leading Brazilians to look for other ways to strengthen their portfolio in by cryptocurrency investments.

In the survey results, the survey noted that two out of three Brazilians have already invested crypto currency and the reason for buying is as an investment option, while 33% see it as a way to protect their assets from economic instability, and one in four see it as a way one to protect its property from government intervention.

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Meanwhile, more than 59% of Brazilians have never invested crypto currency, perhaps, or very likely, will buy these coins for the first time in the next 12 months. The three main reasons that keep them so far are the need for a better understanding of how to buy crypto currency (62%), need a better understanding of the method cryptocurrency working (53%) and the desire to be able to withdraw their card investments at ATMs (34%). As for the Brazilians who invested cryptocurrency last year, 46% of them planned to invest in cryptocurrencywhile 54% plan to invest crypto currency personally, as Bitcoin SY Ethereum.


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