see four changes, only two must be made

There will be a rule change for the 2022/23 season, i.e. July 1st. It’s four and one has to do with the new ball

The next sporting year will bring a few rule changes, proposed by a special committee for that purpose and approved by the IHF (International Handball Federation) conference. There are four adjustments, only two have to be made. Starting with non -stick, there will be the opportunity to play ball without resin, smaller and lighter.

“No one is forced to change, each country and each tournament in each country will decide who will play. We will still play the ball we win, even if we have an agreement with Select,” the statement said. by O JOGO Pedro Sequeira, who, in other places, is vice -president of the Portuguese Federation (FAP) and a member of the formal committee of the European Handball Federation (EHF).

The other change, which is necessary for some only, has to do with the exit, which must be made in a circle with a diameter of four meters. If there is an area marked for futsal, which has this circle, even if it is larger than two meters, it can be confusing, at least at first.

“I agree with that,” Sequeira said. “The aim is to avoid unnecessary suspensions in the referee’s game and to speed it up,” he explained, adding: “In Portugal, only Division I clubs, whether male or female, have to playing by this new rule. ” .

One of the most talked about rules of all time, because it has a subjective element, is the passive game. The judge’s violation will still impose the same sentence, but the law passed has come to the rescue. And, in the past, there was a possibility of six passing after each signal [levantar do braço]it would now be only four, so the team had to shoot in the fourth move.

Finally, in order to protect the integrity of the body, all the players who hit him with the ball on the head in the open space – no opponent in front of them, untouched or disturbed by the movement ‘ they – will be punished two minutes later. . This has only happened at seven -meter football games before.

The popular 7×6 is still in effect

Another rule that has given a lot of talk is to remove the net keeper and play with the seven athletes, the famous 7×6. Some of the sports staff predicted his disappearance, but, for at least four years, nothing should have changed. “It’s not necessary, but the rules often change in the years after the Olympics,” said Pedro Sequeira, a journalist at O ​​JOGO.

All four change

Non -resin balls can be used

From July 1, resin -free balls can be used, which will be smaller and lighter.

Passive play after four passes

Only four passes are obtained, not the current six, after the signal [braço no ar] passive play.

Guard protection

Any player who shoots from free space at the head of the goalkeeper, i.e. without a defender in front, untouched or disturbed in action, will receive a two -minute suspension.

Get out of a new circle

The player making the exit must have at least one foot in the new area, which will be a central circle with a diameter of four meters.


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