Studies with Anvisa -approved medications eliminate tumors in 100% of cases

Studies with Anvisa -approved medications eliminate tumors in 100% of cases

Study published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine, On June 5, it was noted that a drug that had been approved by the Ministry of Health (Anvisa) had made the colorectal cancer in 100% of patients undergoing treatment. The results shocked the scientific community. The trial was administered to a group of 12 patients.

The treatment included the application of a local monoclonal anticoagulant called dostarlimab, and according to the medical community, the results were encouraging, both in terms of success rate and time without inflammation. The news is from Exame Magazine.

Patients took the drug intravenously every three weeks for six months. Dostarlimab is approved in Brazil for the treatment of endometrial cancer.

“During the median follow-up period of 12 months, no patients received chimoradiotherapy and no patients underwent surgical resection,” part of the study said.

The researchers performed tests such as MRI, endoscopic evaluation, digital rectal examination or biopsy after treatment, and the results found no evidence of the presence of tumor.

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Oncologist Luiz Diaz Jr., author of the work with other professionals, said in an interview The New York Times but research success rates in North America are unusual.

According to doctors, the numbers could be a pioneer in cancer treatment studies.

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