Telephony Communications Technology is moving to the Metaverse with the launch of TCTx

Telephony Communications Technology is moving to the Metaverse with the launch of TCTx

Telephony Communication Technologies has begun its metaverse journey, as it uses Web 3.0 technology to bring vendors closer to customers.

Dubai -based communications services and solutions announced the soft launch of its ‘TCTx’ metaverse arm on June 28 in conjunction with the major company’s birthday. Elon Muskwhich the company described as “the largest power distribution technology ambassador”.

Then there will be an official launch event on July 15; with a date celebrating the birthday of the UAE leader Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

After obtaining the initial approval from the UAE government Dubai EnthusiasmTCTx hopes to create a version of the sustainable smart city, which on paper, will give everything a business wants to work in one. an effective virtual world.

The company has forged partnerships with a variety of people and agencies focused on Web 3.0 to build a portfolio of work for the new smart city, including homes, offices, apartments. restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters and event venues.

Shefiq Abdulla, head of avatars at TCTx
Shefiq Abdullah |

“We are excited to start our journey and take the Telephony business to a whole new level in the metaverse,” the commenter said. Shefiq Abdullah |chief avatar in TCTx.

“We want to contribute to making Dubai the most important digital economy in the world. We want Dubai and the UAE to be Silicon Valley in MENA.

As one of the first metaverse companies to emerge from Dubai, TCTx wants to create a sustainable digital social and economic system for the community to ensure a secure transition to the Web 3.0 and the metaverse, starting with the creation of a global digital twin.

Web 3.0 technology is still an unfamiliar territory to most technology companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which at the moment TCTx is expected to use.

The parent company is one of the first adopters of Web 3.0 technology in MENA, offering blockchain, fintech and management services solutions to enable its customers to improve their efficiency and quality.

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