THE BALL-The Eagles defeated the Lions (7-5) in extra time and entered the finals (Roller Hockey)

THE BALL-The Eagles defeated the Lions (7-5) in extra time and entered the finals (Roller Hockey)

In a typical emotional way, Benfica beat Sporting, 7-5, in extra time in the 5th leg of the semi-finals and secured a place in the final. in the National of Division I, which included FC Porto, winners of the match (3- 0) with Óquei de Barcelos.

The red was always in front of the board and came to the break of the regular period by two numbers: 1-3. In the second half, the home team went after the confrontation and solidified the score 5 for 5, by Gonzalo Romero, seven seconds into the final.

The decision was postponed to an extension, a time when the Eagles solved the issue with numbers, both by Edu Lamas.

This coming Thursday, starting at 3 p.m., is the first game of the finals.

Here are the main points of the meeting:

End the game! Benfica beat Sporting 7-5 and Benfica confirmed the cut in the final.

60 ‘Benfica (5-7)! Edu Lamas got into the ball and shot from behind the goal.

58 ‘ Lucas Ordóñez did not get a free kick and could not close out the game.

56 ‘ The second half of overtime begins.

Gap in extra time: Benfica led 6-5.

55 ‘Benfica (5-6)! Eduard Lamas provides an advantage for visitors.

52 ‘ Sports made 13 mistakes, Benfica 15.

51 ‘ The expansion begins!

The regular season ends at the João Rocha Pavilion: the regulars go into extra time.

50 ‘athletic points (5-5)! Half-distance by Gonzalo Romero, very aggressive, returns the seven-second equalizer from the very end!

47 ‘ Another save by Pedro Henriques, with a live free kick by Gonzalo Romero.

46 ‘ Ângelo Girão came up and saved Carlos Nicolia’s free ball.

46 ‘ Sporting’s Gonzalo Romero blue card: free kick for Benfica-

46 ‘athletic points (4-5)! Gonzalo Romero renews the hopes of the Alvalade brand.

42 ‘ Ferran Font hit the post, amid the lions ’persistence.

42 ‘ Pablo Álvarez didn’t score in the first or second, against Ângelo Girão, in a live football conversion.

39 ‘ Gonzalo Romero saw Pedro Henriques save his first shot, before bouncing it back on the crossbar, scoring a direct free-shot.

39 ‘ Blue card for Lucas Ordóñez, from Benfica: a direct free kick to Sporting.

38 ‘Benfica (3-5)! Lucas Ordóñez appears on the opposite side and is unforgiving.

38 ‘ Ângelo Girão canceled Carlos Nicolia’s free kick.

38 ‘ Blue card for Matías Platero, from Sporting: free football directly for Benfica.

37 ‘Benfica (3-4)! Pablo Álvarez put the Reds in front again.

35 ‘ With 15 minutes left, the usual is still tied.

29 ‘ Pedro Henriques won the duel again with Ferrant Font, with a new penalty for Sporting.

31 ‘ Benfica’s 10th mistake!

30 ‘athletic points (3-3)! Alessandro Verona takes the booth to red with the same goal.

29 ‘athletic score (2-3)! Ferrant Font returned to calm the lions down with an opponent.

26 ‘ Start the second part!

Half-time at Pavilhão João Rocha: Benfica beat Sporting, 1-3, at home.

24 ‘ Pedro Henriques redeemed Gonzalo Romero’s penalty and held the number one spot.

24 ‘Benfica (1-3)! Carlos Nicolia gave the Eagles the lead by two points again, in a straight football change.

24 ‘ Sporting’s 10th Mistake!

20 ‘ The sport has already climbed to its 9th foul. Benfica have 8.

17 ‘athletic score (1-2)! Gonzalo Romero narrows the gap, from the penalty spot.

15 ‘Benfica (0-2)! Pol Manrubia is right on the review and extends his advantage to the reds.

15 ‘ Violations: Sports – 6; Benfica – 5

15 ‘ The game was over again, Sporting looking like.

10 ‘ Discount over time: the eagle has an advantage in capital letters.

7 ‘Benfica (0-1)! Diogo Rafael opened the scoring at the João Rocha Pavilion.

5 ‘ In a draw, Sporting have already reached fourth place: Benfica followed by two.

0 ‘ Start the game!

There is already a team!

Sports: Angelo Girão, Ferrant Fon, Matías Platero, Toni Pérez and Gonzalo Romero

Sports substitutes: José Diogo Macedo, João Almeida, Alessandro Verona, João Souto and Henrique Magalhães

Sports coach: Paulo Freitas

Benfica: Pedro Henriques, Diogo Rafael, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordóñez and Gonçalo Pinto

Benfica substitutes: Rodrigo Vieira, Carlos Nicolia, Pablo Álvarez, Pol Manrubia and Daniel Oliveira

Benfica coach: Nuno Resende


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