the deadly disease that has affected more than 56 million women worldwide


Shingles: a deadly disease that has affected more than 56 million women worldwide

The World Health Organization warns of the unfold of infectious illnesses in Africa with this parasitic disease that has no particular signs.

There is an endemic to this disease in Africa.

Snail fever is a warning to the African continent. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are about 56 million women and ladies. The disease is brought on by parasites that stay in the feminine genitals and might be deadly.

Technically generally known as feminine genital schistosomiasis (FGS), this disease is brought on by worms that go away the genitals when in clear water, settle in the physique and produce invading eggs, in females, the uterus and uterine tubes join. Gustavo Tato Borges, vp of the National Association of Public Health Physicians (ANMSP) explains to NiT that “it’s a disease that impacts most women, which impacts being pregnant and, In the most extreme instances, it may well even result in demise attributable to the elevated danger of uterine and bladder most cancers and HIV.“.

According to the British Telegraph, an invisible enemy is attacking the waters of the Kafue River in Zambia in southern Africa. When the parasites go away the snails, they start to search for a spot to stay. When they see human pores and skin, they enter the bloodstream, and go there till they’ll insert an egg into the cervix, and ultimately block the passage. blood.

“One of the issues with this disease is the lack of particular signs.” seek advice from a public well being doctor. “There are instances the place the check takes years, which fits to the well being service with swelling in numerous components of the physique, fever and even blood in the urine. “

Although typhoid fever is more widespread in women, it additionally impacts males and kills an estimated 280,000 individuals every year worldwide.

Kasika Mkwakti, a nurse in Maramba, Zambia’s malaria-prone area, admitted that her workforce had not heard of the disease earlier than 2020, and that well being employees had solely simply begun to take action. . attempt to diagnose the disease as shortly as doable. “Last month we examined 48 women, one in every of whom had most cancers of the cervix,” she instructed the British newspaper.

The disease is treatable and curable

Shingles might be handled and prevented. In some components of Zambia, the place the disease has elevated considerably, younger individuals obtain annual preventive therapy. Following WHO suggestions, they’re given praziquantel, an energetic ingredient used to deal with worm and parasite infections.

Children are very weak listeners to this pathology. “The existence of a prevention program for minors throughout the college yr suggests that the state of affairs shouldn’t be good,” Precious Kaubula, WHO technical director in Zambia, was quoted as saying by “The Telegraph “.

Lack of consuming water is alleged to be one in every of the causes of this disease. Malnutrition makes individuals search consuming water from rivers, growing their danger of illnesses similar to typhoid fever or cholera.

Gustavo Tato Borges explains this to NiT it’s doable to eradicate the disease: the methodology “goes to water high quality management, making certain water high quality for house use and management of snail pests and chemoprophylaxis in class kids”, he stated. This technique may help eradicate this disease, as has occurred in nations like Japan or Tunisia, for instance. “In Portugal, this case shouldn’t be unusual, happily, due to the wonderful high quality and entry to scrub consuming water,” the professional stated.

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