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Have you ever considered having rural property control, registration control and even control over the management of a livestock production chain with safety and security? Now, this is possible with the world’s first technology with the application of NFT carrying genetic data. Together, Brazilian and Uruguayan entrepreneurs Mateus Belo (CEO), Sandro Wainstein (CLO), Roger Ilha Moreira and Lucas Henriques created dNFT, the first NFT with a genetic ballast. The Soxi company has two major markets, from Soxi Pet and Soxi Agro, and begins operations in Brazil this month, carrying the Web 3.0 theme.

With dNFTs it is possible to store a structure of the data stored in the blockchain. Animal owners, for example, can enter animal genetic data into the blockchain. In this case, the owner collects the pet’s gene, which is sent to a partner’s laboratory, and after a few days, receives the identification with the genetic code in the ‘digital wallets and unique photos with photos of their pets. which cannot be translated and is not compromised by technology.

Sandro Wainstein points out that this technology represents the growth of reality and a step towards humor. “In addition to the protections provided by dNFT, such as undisputed animal protection, the deal can be a special memory for pet supporters, enthusiasts and owners. That is, from the creation of an electronic pet avatar. there’s a profile, ”Wainstein confirmed.

In the creation of dNFT for the livestock industry, the intermediary suppliers in the sector are the main participants and also benefit from the products. In Brazil, livestock produces R $ 200 billion worth of cattle and 220 million head of cattle, more than its population.

Soxi CEO Mateus Belo: “This storage (of genetic data) is ideal for those who work in the purchase and sale of animals, especially because it results in a greater market value” – Photo :

According to Mateus Belo, dNFTs technology is essential for pet owners and farms, as this is what makes animals stand out at the time of sale. “This storage is ideal for those who work in the buying and selling of animals, especially as they produce a larger market value. Another difference is the security of these negotiations. When they are stored in the blockchain, unique data is created, making data theft or copying impossible, ”the CEO said.

What are NFTs?

NFT is an acronym for “unusable”, in Portuguese, “unusable mark”, which cannot be translated or misinterpreted. In general, NFTs are non -usable electronic objects listed in the blockchain, so they are protected from fraud and fraud. The topic is complex, but the implementation of dNFTs will leave something unprecedented.

NFT has raised US $ 25 billion in the last four years and operates with a portfolio of three million active portfolios worldwide, with Brazil in 6th place. Soxi creates and provides access to a blockchain system that allows it to store genetic data in the form of NFT, resulting in protection for a variety of exchanges and communications.

Soxi Pets for NGOs

With the animal cause in mind, Soxi is starting with the “Soxi Pets for NGO” project, a similar event that aims to create an exhibition space to support the cause and encourage adoption. and assistance for livestock. The event will work as follows: some animals selected by the NGO themselves will have their dNFTs derived from each DNA, presented as ambassadors of each organization’s goals and generate a source of participation and transmission methods. to encourage adoption and care for the needy. .

To officially mark the launch of the world’s first dNFT, the company will auction two dNFT pets from the NGO 101 Animals, for which the volume of sales will be entirely dedicated to supporting the cause, and the winners will receive the special symbol. the livestock. The idea is not only to financially support the institution, but also to encourage the adoption of pets, especially the two mascots who will be the world’s first public dNFT.

This is the first application of NFT to carry genetic and hereditary data, allowing all kinds of organization and negotiation in large industries such as livestock and livestock.

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