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In an article for Messari, analyst Mason Nystrom compares his favorite games to the lessons that blockchain NFTs can learn today (Photo: Freepik)

When i when I was younger I spent many weeks of my life playing Runescape. a week!

This seems unusual, but many people entering the crypto market have played Runescape, World of Warcraft, or role -playing games (MMORPGs) on the Internet.

The most common metaphor available from Runescape is the famous blue party hat such as a invalid token (NFT) The originality of Runescape and an expression of the importance of the useless.

However, we will not talk about Christmas gifts, but will talk about other aspects of the game that we believe crypto should learn.

Runescape is a fun game for many reasons. The gameplay was fun, as it attracted all types of players. It is a social thing in a group (family) and some work needs to be done by several people. Most importantly, all the work took hours.

In Runescape, if you reach level 99 (maximum) in one of the skills (farming, cooking, mining) you will receive a sandal with a logo. the ability.

At the 99th level of a skill, the player receives a skin marked with the skill he has acquired (Photo: Runescape)

There are two factors that make these skill capes such a great attraction. First, they can’t be sold, so you can’t buy “success”.

Second, there is no supply limit to the number of skill caps-if you reach the 99 skill level you can buy one.

It is worth noting that these capes could not be sold in Runescape, which increased their social value because it was not possible to obtain the cape.

Hours spent per “Slayer” skill level (Image: OSRS)

of the murderer, Runescape’s most time-consuming ability-killing giant monsters in particular-required at least 300 hours of play. This equates to 12.5 days of continuous play or 37.5 days of work (8 hours per day).

Even Prayer, the most time-consuming skill, requires 8.5 hours of play to reach its maximum level. When a Runescape player gets a cape, it means it takes days or weeks to reach level 99.

Thus, skill capes are an example of a time and work-based inadequacy.

Virtual kittens and digital inadequacies

NFTs are fewer over time

It’s global and time is limited, making it the most reliable resource-everyone has the same 24 hours. The NFT can learn from Runescape how to incorporate time-consuming, time-heavy tasks in the way he gets.

So far, getting the most out of NFT requires capital, creating an NFT culture around money rather than worth.

NFTs incorporated into the work culture create a community based on shared experiences. NFT hardly over time does not necessarily require a lot of work.

The cost of NFT zapper Their application required verification on a daily basis in order to gain experience points to reach certain levels, which would be awarded to NFT.

The magic of software allows for all sorts of experiments:

→ NFTs/badges issued upon completion of various joint activities carried out by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), such as elections;

→ Non-negotiable NFT is provided according to skill and effort, such as NFT for persons with more than X per NFT from a certified contract with OpenSea);

→ Non -negotiable NFT that needs to be repaired after receipt of the non -negotiable part (which also forms NFT);

→ Non -salable NFTs that provide access to other salable NFTs.

The design industry is more open to new types of NFTs and DAOs, as communities that use less-available NFTs over time may become stronger communities that won’t just cling financially to ‘ the future.

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