The WHO recommends making Monkeypox vaccine for a priority group

The WHO recommends making Monkeypox vaccine for a priority group

ny The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday recommended making a smallpox vaccine for priority groups, including at-risk health professionals, the laboratory team said. working with orthopoxvirus, clinical research specialists who diagnose the disease and others. public health officials.

The first WHO recommendations on this topic were published in interim guidelines from the consultation of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE). In the document, the WHO stressed that mass vaccination is not necessary or recommended at this time.

For people who have been in contact with a confirmed case of the disease, the WHO recommends vaccination, such as post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), with a second or third-generation vaccine. The vaccine should be given within four days after the first exposure to prevent infection.

In the document, the WHO warns that some countries have wooden parrot a strategic plan for an old measles vaccine from the Smallpox Eradication Program – completed in 1980. However, these first -generation vaccines are not recommended for the outbreak of Monkeypox.

Years of research have led to the development of new and safer vaccines (second and third generation) for smallpox, some of which may be useful for monkeypox.

The Director General of Health (DGS) confirmed on Tuesday another 22 cases of Monkeypox virus in Portugal, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the country to 231.

“All of the confirmed infections are in men between the ages of 19 and 61, and most are under the age of 40,” said a note posted on the company’s website.

Known cases are medically followed and do not change.

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