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Exactly a week ago, Cristiano Ronaldo received the news from Las Vegas referee Jennifer Dorsey has suspended the violation lawsuit filed by Kathryn Mayorga, a new page turned in the life of the ace. CR7 certainly took a deep breath and made the calculations about what was to come: he could go to the U.S. again and do business there, clean up his image to the public after the accusations and disclosure of his private life and be clear for him. , save the 23.6 million euros Mayorga demanded of him in compensation.

This is the woman who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape

Whatever the decision, CR7 responded. Neither he nor his family. She limited herself to posting photos on social media that couldn’t better reflect her return to the “American dream,” in the middle of the summer, where she appeared, wearing a blazer over her naked body, next to his wife Georgina, with only a heart. Yes: Cristiano is “back and better”.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
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In fact, the decision to close the case has been predictable since last year.when the judge Daniel Albregts commented to the judge saying Mayorga’s lawyer was “acted with courage to the detriment of its customers and its operations. ” Why? The judge responded: for “receiving and using the‘ Football Leaks ’documents to further the case”.

At this point it is worth going back in time. In 2017, the German newspaper Der Spigel published a lengthy article entitled ‘O secreto de Ronaldo’ based on documents from an investigation into ‘Football Leaks’ – yes, the one that was made public for the Portuguese hacker, Rui Pinto. In this case, among other economic matters, the player disclosed the conversation with the lawyer, about the Mayorga case and the time when the American agreed to drop the charges against Cristiano Ronaldo and signed a secret agreement in exchange for 354,644 euros (not too small). We’re talking about August 2010, a year after the “Las Vegas Hotel Episode”.

The Penthouse costs 4 thousand euros per night claiming there is a crime in Las Vegas. all images

The talk of the case, made public on ‘football leaks’ documents, came to the fore, with the referee, like the referee, thinking he was a “stolen secret letter”. these thus justify the attorney’s conduct as improper. .of Mayorga, when using them for consumer protection. That is, after calculations, The American’s lawyer was reprimanded, the judge ruled that there was no evidence that the ace’s lawyers pressured Mayorga to accept the 300 thousand euros in 2010 and the violations alleged in the ‘ the Las Vegas hotel. – or more precisely, on sexual intercourse or not, the court did not issue an order. End of story, letter laid out, we move on.


But is the Mayorga case really over here? In theory, Americans could increase sanctions. But with the judge’s report, the judge’s order and the defamation of his lawyer, he can’t do that. Ronaldo has repeatedly denied the allegations, saying that what happened behind closed doors was consensual. He even made a statement that he considered rape is a “heinous crime” and repeats his innocence. The court has now proved it.

So what’s next? And what does this “release” mean by the above arguments?

The answer begins at the end, Setting the case, for Mayorga, is like another blow to the “cause” #metoo. It is worth noting that the American filed a new ace lawsuit during the #metoo movement during the golden age in the United States, which saw cases of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation. many. The most famous is the indictment of one of Hollywood’s most famous producers, Harvey Weinstein, reported in a New York newspaper in 2017 – at the same time the Mayorga case was also announced.

The condemnation of condemnation, in the shield of this movement, was made, a strong name falling by grace. Voices (including female voices, such as Catherine Deneuve) resisted the “witch’s light” that occurred during that period, but later, especially in infectious diseases, the action. The “end” of the Mayorga case and the humiliation of the process is another blow against #metoo and the condemnation of men and women for flirting or inappropriate sex.

On the other hand, when Judge Jennifer Dorsey considers the documents included in the investigation of ‘football leaks’ to be invalid and, moreover, considers them to be “stolen”, it inevitably opens the debate. on top of other steps. which may use the same documents, especially in the world of “white collar” crime. Are we facing a decision that could make jurisprudence and soften other investigations? This is an open question.


There was a time when Ronaldo met in New York… with Irina Shayk, before their romance begins, in the sleepless city. There was a time with Paris Hilton at a Las Vegas nightclub – before Mayorga “happened”. There was still time had a house in the Trump Tower in New York and dreamed of investing in that country that turned the already wealthy David Beckham into the most talented businessman investing in football, tourism, real estate and who knows what other. CR7 was even preparing for its future with an investment in Florida, but due to restrictions that limited its access to the United States for years, the dream was postponed. A dream that can come true now.

Ronaldo: Donald Trump’s most famous neighbor

The road to America is open again. Ronaldo can visit the hotel under his name – CR7 Festival – which opened last year in Times Square, New Yorkand where they have not yet understood.

Check out photos of the new CR7 hotel in New York

In fact, taking care of business and investing is something that can’t be left out this year, which seems to have started all over again or perhaps to define a future that is ever-expanding. In November, he plays in the Qatar World Cup with a Portuguese shirt – which may be your last. And to bring the trophy to Portugal and its CV that is unmatched – but this achievement is still not enough: the World Cup victory. Next time at Manchester United (who isn’t happy at all) everything seems to be going well-although that could change at any time due to the ace’s disappointment.

There are those who talk about returning to Portugal – Mother Dolores ’greatest wish – and therefore the a gas -filled construction of a “big” residence in Quinta da Marinha, which, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail this week, has “doubled” in price so that all security is guaranteed. necessary for the ace and his family.

In other words, everything is open to start closing, to try and according to Cristiano’s will: business all over the world (including America), moving to Cascais and for how long, where and how long will the football game continue. In his form, there is no doubt, but the selection needs him more. But even the heroes have to think about the future, and the CR7 does it … with caution.

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