Want your car with Apple or Android? And with obstruction sensors, like drones?

If there’s one thing a car brand does wrong, it’s the good interface. There are many new protagonists in the world of cars. A clear example is that of Elon Musk, whether he liked it or not, he decided to build an electric car and join a club that didn’t want it, that of a car manufacturer. Not only has the club had to accept it, but the club has changed, rocked in the swamp and, not the only reason, far from it, has a huge role to play in today’s car market. One of the most common criticisms of Tesla models is that they are computers with cars around them.

Tesla with 7 screens inside. The 3 are from the car and need 4 phones. Can you see them all? (Photo by Tesla)

Now the problem for most manufacturers is that they are trying to put more computers in their cars following the Tesla process. And they’re so bad, in fact, that between the buttons, the touch screen, the voice commands and the many sensors, traditional car manufacturers make a nice mess. There was a time when, with a little change in detail, it was possible to sit in all the cars and get them working right away, from the steering to the airflow control.

Tesla is the perfect example of artificial turbulence, although it is representative par excellence of the new generation of cars, it can be dangerous to change the temperature in the house without stopping the car, such as turbulence the menus on the big screen that manage. all machine functions are customizable.

The next Polestar 2 will have this screen on all Androids.

Even worse, as the learning curve for each car is longer with each new model. Each builder has its own menus or combination of menus and buttons, confusing.

In a short time, and especially after the last move for Apple developers, the path ahead is clear. Apple and Google are in an open battle for control of our cars. Because of their experience with computers, mobile phones and labs dedicated to many, it is better to take care of our car screens than to make them. Instead of in addition to the car’s capabilities, with a phone, they will control everything from speed to seat adjustment, and everything we see on the screen. is from one of these companies.

What is certain is that each brand, or group of brands, will choose to build a partnership and choose who will manage the user’s menus, or will eventually be able to choose a car with the same version. users are different. Want your car with Apple or Android? But that doesn’t seem very plausible. This is probably the real purpose of Google and Apple when it comes to bothering us with prototypes (forgotten in the Google case) or rumors of Apple cars that already look like myths like a unicorn.

DJI In-Car (DJI) System Components

In this war, the Chinese have once again proved that they are no longer copying and predicting the future. DJI, a world -renowned drone brand, is also using its capabilities to enter the automotive market. Once again, not with a car with its own brand but with a line of sensors and programs focused on future autonomous cars and the intermediate generation. They are car parking systems, vehicles and state sensors that can allow complex movements, they are the eyes, ears, radar and brains of the car of the future.

Another area where many of the builders are a bit lost and people with the necessary knowledge to take advantage of the confusion. DJI has raised its voice to dominate this very important market. But Apple and Google are American, DJI is Chinese and I’m not surprised that, like Huawei, the U.S. government wants to decide that it’s dangerous for the devices, the machines that will be the brains’ the private car is. made in China.

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