What is Stepn? Learn more about applications that allow you to get crypto while working

Stepn is the evolution of two concepts that have gained popularity over the years: reality (or AR) and the “play to win” game.

Basically, AR games have a virtual world attached to the real world. The idea became popular in 2015 with Pokémon Go, which spread virtual Pokémon on a real map and allowed users to monitor and collect giant animals via GPS.

Stepn takes this element – collecting points based on GPS -based progress – and adds it to new games to get models that are driven by crypto games like Axie Infinity, which rewards players with ‘ the crypto signal. The result is a game that monitors users ’training and collects numbers for them in the form of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, it has become an “action to make money” model with GPS tracking: Imagine the mix between the Fitbit watch, Pokémon Go and Axie Infinity.

What is Stepn?

Built on Solana, an adversary of the Ethereum network, and created by the creators of the FindSatoshi Lab app, Stepn is a mobile app that allows users to earn money by walking, jogging or jogging over time. well organized, which updates every 24 hours. ora.

Prizes are awarded in satoshi green tokens (GST), Stepn’s native cryptocurrency, and are taken from wallets created in -game or linked externally.

First, players must purchase shoes in the form of an unusable token (or NFT) to interact with the game and increase the amount of GST earned per session by updating their shoes. The sneakers, which are NFTs, are sold in the secondary market, for between $ 400 and $ 400,000.

How does Stepn work?

Two sources are essential to understanding how Stepn works. The first is tennis, which has a huge impact on how players are rewarded and explains why some of these NFTs are worth astronomical money.

Compared to a standard game (or RPG), where you can upgrade your weapons to withstand certain attacks, in Stepn, you upgrade your boots to strengthen one or more of five different characters:

– durability – decreases in use and reduces the reward;

– chances – increase the chances of winning random prizes during the meeting;

– comfort – increases the inclusion of another type of signal, called GMT, associated with management; SY

– efficiency – increases the amount of GST collected for each “energy” consumed.

The fifth primary resource is energy. In Stepn, energy is a unit of time allotted to a player for a “gain move” session; an element represents five minutes.

Each player starts with just two energies, which are repeated every 24 hours, meaning that new players can only get GST for ten minutes a day – the app will also ensure that it runs at a faster speed. you’re a good walker in conversation. the type of tennis you have.

To get more power, you’ll need to buy more shoes – which can be expensive – and players have to carefully balance the cost of buying a new power slot with the potential profit from a longer session.

They also have to consider – the price of GST went from $ 0.52 to $ 2.30 in a short period of time. But it is possible to combine success: There are reports of players earning $ 400 a day; most start at $ 5.

Who works at Stepn?

Alchemy Pay: Creator of crypto/fiat payments that added support for GMT recently.

ASICS: Recently, a major sports brand has added a special NFT sneaker collection to its Stepn catalog.

What is a Stepn Token?

Three tokens are needed to control Stepn:

– SOL, a native brand of the Solana network, bought new sneakers – this is also available with coin binance (BNB), but NFT sneakers are in Solana;

– GST, the mark obtained for walking, walking or running, used to obtain new renewals; SY

– GMT, a symbol of Stepn’s administration that guarantees the right to vote for future holders of the sector.

GST has an unlimited supply while the GMT supply is 6 billion and is only given to users who have upgraded their shoes above 30 degrees.

Where to buy Stepn brand

The GMT and GST Stepn brands are both available on crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Bybit, CoinTiger and FTX.

Stephan’s future

While Stepn was initially successful, it faced problems in China due to the turmoil in the crypto market in 2022.

Extensive crackdowns on the industry-along with Chinese data laws, which prohibit the storage of citizens ’GPS data-have angered the country’s regulators, forcing Stepn to block those Chinese users. Depending on your data protection laws – and your attitude towards crypto – other countries may do the same.

It also suffered a denial-of-service (or DDoS) attack distributed months after the platform launched, forcing the team to warn its users that “sports will not be legally recorded” during maintenance.

If Stepn can overcome these initial barriers, the “action to make money” model could be a successful industry in the field of crypto. And if the economic incentives you have can get some people out of bed and make them run, Stepn can’t be a bad thing.

*Translated by Daniela Pereira do Nascimento with permission from decrypt.co.

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