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From home to war: where cryptocurrencies are used

Recently, Transfero stars, in partnership with energy drink brand Red Bull, with the first cryptocurrency award for surfers, using the BRZ. However, crypto-assets are used in other areas of the economy, whether in buying homes, or in negotiating works of art or in war, such as in conflicts. between Russia and Ukraine.

See other areas where cryptocurrencies are being used in a pioneering way.

home financing

Diarist Docelina de Barros, 49, managed to donate a house worth R $ 129,000 using an invalid token (NFT). Supported by netspaces, Docelina used the property as collateral and introduced registration to NFT. Through this digital document, the diary was able to prove the income needed to supply new housing in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are starting to have an impact on the travel industry. Many agencies accept (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as payments, and some even offer discounts for customers paying with crypto. Recently, Decentralized exchange aggregator Network announced a partnership with travel booking platform Travala.com, which allows users to pay for hotel bookings in crypto currency.

Cryptocurrencies in the city

Miami, New York and Rio de Janeiro have one thing in common: bitcoin. These three cities already have or plan to put cryptocurrencies in their portfolios of citizen services, providing guidance on how municipalities can use them.

More than just a form of digital payment, they can also be used in the city as a bond, enabling the issuance of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. And that’s what happened to the three cities mentioned, which are already trying to figure out how to turn crypto into additional revenue.

The city of Rio de Janeiro, for example, will invest in crypto assets and create a digital currency, “CariocaCoin”. In addition, the municipality is also conducting research on the creation of NFTs for cultural heritage and to place the beautiful city within the metaverse.

gambling area

It is a fact that the gambling scene has exploded recently and many of them support the Brazilian football team. And many of them accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, including Sportsbet.It, which has former player Denilson as a poster boy, and is affiliated with Metamask,. Other examples are Cloudbet and Thunderpick.

choice in battle

Cryptocurrencies are also used in the global geopolitical context. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Eastern European countries have earned millions of dollars in crypto assets, according to a study published by British company Elliptic, the world’s leading expert on cryptocurrencies. digital currency analysis.

On the one hand, Russia has used crypto-assets to conduct negotiations as a way to avoid sanctions imposed by Western countries on the economic system.

Russia sees cryptocurrencies as another option for conducting financial transactions, without the need for integration into the global system and the use of currencies such as dollars, for example. With digital currency, countries are able to buy and sell products.

NFT in masterpiece sales

NFTs were used to sell digital – and even physical – artwork. Although the prevalence of unusable brands has decreased slightly, there have been millions of sales of digital art using the technology.

Collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and Azuki are some of the contributors to cases that have dominated the world during the coronavirus outbreak, where communication has become more digital. So it has become common to use cryptocurrencies to buy digital certificates, and NFTs have become the image of many people on social networks, especially popular ones.

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