xtingles is expanding their efforts to integrate health into Web3

xtingles, the first launchpad for ASMR NFT collectibles, has announced that it is expanding its efforts to integrate ASMR into web3 by creating Deep Life Labs (DLLs).

A parent organization that will help create a more meaningful and meaningful ASMR experience in the xtingles field.

In addition to developing new ways of living and compiling ASMR content, Deep Life Labs will work on compiling comprehensive projects related to other aspects of health within Web3.

As the online world is constantly evolving, it is important to find ways to maintain physical and mental health. Deep Life Labs is at the forefront of this effort, focusing on using Web3 technology for virtual health purposes.

By improving productivity and technical capabilities, Deep Life Labs will allow for the creation of projects in additional aspects of health, bridging the gap between Web3 and health.

As the company’s innovation and production center, Deep Life Labs will connect xtingles and other healthcare activities to Web3 to build a comprehensive collection of healthcare experiences and collections. In this way, Deep Life Labs is working to create a healthier and happier world.

“We know the impact of our platform in bringing the benefits of ASMR and relevant content to a wider audience,” said Andrew Fai, Chief Visionary Officer at xtingles.

“Deep Life Labs has come to life with a mission to be a pioneer in creating excitement, research and community within all of us on our journey to growth and peace. We aim to achieve this by developing a health-focused experience and community. ”

Deep Life Labs plans to offer xtingles holders access to its own whitelist for its first major project, Cozies. A total of 10,000 genesis NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain, and owners of xtingles will have the opportunity to claim some of these NFTs.

Together with Cozies, Deep Life Labs aims to create a creative oasis in Web3 while taking the occupants on a journey on a peaceful journey.

For more information, visit the website and follow the DLL Twitter.


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